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[Xen-Tutor] - Tree and Stones Pack

I just wanna thanking you all for keep sticking with me even though I'm not being too active recently, the supports I got are seriously incredible! Thank you so much! ;v;
so wanna share couple of tutorials and walkthrough I managed to finish few days ago. I hope this could be a smoll help for you when you wanna draw an environmental background

I put the Leaves-01 Brush here as well, so you could have it with all the other 3 brushes.
By the way, my OC: Xenos there is just hanging on the banner(?) he won't roaming around the tutorial like I did in my Shabby Wall Pack, so worry not! You won't get bored to see him all over 

It's for Photoshop, coz I'm Ps user to the core ;v;

Since I basically share how I usually do Tree and Stones in this pack 
Let's call this . . .

Tree and Stones Pack

[W]hat will you get in this pack? 
  • Tree Tutorial
  • Stones Tutorial
  • Leaves Brushes Set [Contains 4 Leaves Brushes I made]
  • PSD File of My Illustration: "Small Imagination" and it's Walkthrough 

[S]ome notes from Dark:
  • This pack was made to work in Photoshop. I'm using CS5, let me know if the brushes messed up in your Photoshop.
  • English is not my mother language so I'm really sorry for all the grammatical error you might found in the tutorials.
  • You're free to use the brushes for personal or commercial purpose. No need to credit me, but I will really appreciate it if you didn't say something like "you made those". 
  • The PSD file I shared here is for learning purpose, I assume you already understand that such things as commercial purpose or editing to claim it as yours are prohibited. 
  • If you found difficulties to download the pack, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll try to figure out another way to make sure you got it.
  • Some tips I shared in the tutorials are basically from my experience as I'm a self-taught, so if you found something off, feedbacks are always welcome! I'm still learning too.

I'm not here to tell you the right way, since everyone have their own interpretation for art,
but I hope this could be a little help for you to found your own background style ;v;

Feel free to hit the download button down here, 
It's Free and always be:

Tree and Stones Pack

Ahhhhh, I don't think I render the "Small Imagination" neat enough //weeps
I'll try to share some personal art, like full-body arts of my OC for next few days, so hopefully this account won't get too dusty 8')
Once again, Thank you so much for the super supports I got till this day, I know this won't be able to reply that all tho--
still, let me know if you found this pack useful so I could consider to make more of this

Some Personal Arts:
Reiha by Darkavey  Laquan by Darkavey   [Cyber Phantom] by Darkavey
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Terima kasih sudah membagikan tools and tutorialnya.
Tidak banyak Pro-Artist yang mau membagikan ataupun mengajarkan keahlian mengambar atau mewarnai mereka ke kita yang masih belajar, saya sangat berterima kasih kepadamu Harvey karena mau membagi kita semua.
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Wahhh mohon maaf balesnya lama banget di sini ;v;
but all thanks goes back to you for looking through the tutorial!
semoga bisa bermanfaat ya :heart: and please, I'm not a Pro just merely a hobbyist 
Thank you so much for the kind words, really appreciate it!
MyAoiChan's avatar
Ngga pa pa kok ^^
Saya bisa mengerti, Harvey pasti sibuk banget kan
Kita sebagai fans/follower harus memakluminya and bersabar utk menunggu balasan
Surat kita dibaca dan dibalas saja udah bikin kita senang sebagai fans/follower! 💙
Walaupun cuma hobi tapi Harvey sudah di gelarkan sebagai Pro-Artist disini ^^
Selamat yach!!!! 💙
Oh, dan saya juga follow kamu di Instagram ^^
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非常感谢您的分享! 我已经打开网页了! 下载成功!哈哈哈
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Glad to hear you managed to dowloaded it. I hope it could help you a lot! :iconheureshiiplz:
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你好,这个笔刷文件的网站 打不开了,可以发邮箱给我么?非常感谢你!
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Thank you so much! I'll definitely be using these in my next piece!
Darkavey's avatar
Aww, I'm happy if this could help you! :iconheureshiiplz: :heart:
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Love you sososo much, this is really helpful! Ran Crying Icon Heart  
Darkavey's avatar
AHHH No need to thanking me! Glad to know this could help you bit >v< :heart:
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Aww, Thank you! I hope this pack could give you a bit help >v<
WOW u are an angel this is just what I needed ;v;
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Aww, I hope it could give you a bit help ;v;
ctrust's avatar
OMG! Thank You so much,youre too kind ;w; )
Darkavey's avatar
 no nooo you're the way who's being kind here :iconletmecryplz: 

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gosh! no need to thanking me :iconsawbplz:
Thank You !! Thanks For The Llama Emote Thanks For The Llama Emote 
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OMG no need to thanking me :iconsawbplz:
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I just have to say that artists that share their tips and brushes are angels that came to earth to spead joy and love!! And you are one of the most kind I've seen!!happy cry XD 
Darkavey's avatar
and I believe the kind of person like you who want to spent their precious time to type something nice is such an angel! QvQ 
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Bless you! Hatsune Miku-07 (Cries)  
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Thank you so much for making this Darky! You are so kind ;w;
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