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September 29, 2017
Silent Virtue by Darkavey
Featured by cinyu
Suggested by Catgirldstr11
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Silent Virtue


OMG Thank you so much for the DD! You guys really gave me a big surprise :iconsawbplz:
Big thanks to Catgirldstr11 for the suggest, and cinyu for the feature! :heart: 
also much thanks for everyone who likes this piece! It really means a lot ;v; :heart:

"...and you will found the one who sacrificed for their water sources..."
["so, who's the 'monster' now, Dark?"]

Another not so new art, I made this one on August ;v;
Maybe some of you who follow up my instagram knew that I was inspired by Made in Abyss when making this *v*
It's my mascot Darkchain, coz I missed drawing him so much after doing arts for con 
Currently, re-building his universe so I can put the other 3 old-babies I have as well. Some of them are from RP groups, so I kinda making an alternative universe for them, since I found 3 of them plus Darkchain will fit in the medieval era, full with forest and all. I just love to make my OC interact with each others, but I barely active in RP groups now so--
Would love to make artbook regarding this universe someday QvQ

Thank you so much for your supports to my art till this minute, 
and of course much thanks for those who stopping by here :heart:

Darkchain & Artwork © Darkavey

Some Other Personal Arts

Laquan by Darkavey  [Cyber Phantom] by Darkavey  Reiha by Darkavey

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© 2017 - 2021 Darkavey
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Incredible, I love it when a piece makes you excited to explore it's world :)
Darkavey's avatar
OMG Thank you so much for thinking so about this piece  :iconrainbowtearplz: :heart:
numinox's avatar
I take my hat off to you good sir :TipOfTheHat:
Well done 〆 Fox emoji - hearts 
Darkavey's avatar
OH gawd-- Thank you so much! :iconrainbowtearplz: :heart:
numinox's avatar
I wish I had your magical hands. You're my inspiration \(♡∇♡)\
Pixiepastel94's avatar
Darkavey's avatar
thank you so much my friend! :iconsawbplz:
Pixiepastel94's avatar
its my pleasure and its the truth ;)
OatlyToad's avatar
What a large world to explore and your character is leaving a trace of his scarf everywhere he goes xD

Spectacular view, lovely waterfall *o*

Keep up the amazing worK!!
Darkavey's avatar
woah Thank you so much! :iconsawbplz:
His scarf was like fire actually, I thought it will be fun to composed the scarf that way to fill in the composition 8')
Thanks again! really appreciate :iconletmehugyouplz:
OatlyToad's avatar
Oooo, wonderfully done- it's my pleasure to see your art <3
Catgirldstr11's avatar
Congratulations on your DD! :la: This is SUCH a cool vista! I hope you do make an artbook for this world! Congratulations again, and many thanks to cinyu for featuring! 
Darkavey's avatar
OMFG Thank you Thank you so much for suggested the DD, aahhhh it's a total surprise for me :iconsawbplz:
I really hope I could make an art book regarding this universe someday, Thanks a lot for the supports!
:iconsupertighthugplz: You're way too kind :heart: ;v;
Ururuty's avatar
Darkavey's avatar
Thank you so much! ;v; :heart:
orchidkitty's avatar
Congrats on your DD :)
Darkavey's avatar
Thank you Thank you so much!! :iconsawbplz: :heart:
The-Crystal-Rose's avatar
Ooooooohhhh this is cool. I like this!
Darkavey's avatar
OMG thanks a lot! I'm really glad to hear that! :iconsawbplz: :heart:
The-Crystal-Rose's avatar
Hey, no problem. It's really awesome.
AyanoTheFox's avatar
This is awesome!
Darkavey's avatar
gosh! Thank you so much! :iconcryforeverplz: :heart:
April-Engelmann's avatar
Gorgeous work. I love the scenery
Darkavey's avatar
AHHH Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so! :iconrainbowtearplz:
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