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Vacuum forming tutorial

By a large amount of request about this process and the interest of how it's done.

Here's the step by step tutorial of vacuum forming a Iron man helmet, ENJOY!!!
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Do you still have access to the vacuum former and do you take commissions?
Do you sell this suit and if so how much?
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I havent made of sold them in years but use to run kits for "do it yourself builders" at $1,300  just I only made a hand full of full suit kits
What temp do you use for the styrene?
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About 350°F for 7 minutes generally
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is it possible to make a two part mold for casting say... a keyblade?
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yeah as long as you need a hollow form pretty much vacuum forming is the ideal option.
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awesome work man!! do you sell this?? if you do , how much??
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I use too, haven't made in any quite some time not sure of the material cost at the moment the price of oil depends on the prices of plastics required.
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jey nice workk man!! dou you sell this???
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This is so cheating! I like! XD
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Using Pepakura is cheating, THIS is the master stuff.
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how much does it cost to get forming done because i have armour that needs forming
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depends on the material what type of plastic and how many sheets it takes like 6 runs on the machine for a full iron man suit as an example.
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pretty nice, i love the detail, I'm still struggling with my im helmet,what do you do for getting the eyes holes sucked... in my project the eyes did get that sharp look as yours.
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I made a outer press mold I push into the eyes to compress them deeper and sharper just gotta do it while the plastic is still hot.
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wow thanks! this will be very useful since i hate how the eye hole loses most of the detail!
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crazy nuts! i don't have any equipment like that. wish i did. but i have no idea where i would stick it.
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Well alot a universities have vacuum forming machines on hand that's were the machine I use came from was a 40 year old broken machine that was given to my grandfather and a few years back I found it in storage fixed it up and started using it.
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awesome talent/skills man!
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