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A New Wavelength for this Sale
There's Really Nothing in My Strength - Roxanne 'Roxy' Lalonde (Homestuck) vs Solo/Rogue (Mega Man: Star Force)

Our Performance Packs Some Punch - Eri Karan & Dokamon (Digimon Universe: Appil Monsters, composite) vs Sonia Strumm & Lyra/Lyra Note (Mega Man: Star Force, composite)
I Have Only Myself for Survival - Chiaki Hayasaka/Baal Avatar (Shin Megami Tensei) vs Patrick 'Pat' (and Rey) Sprigs/Gemini Spark (Mega Man: Star Force)
Never Forget, You're My Plaything - Gudako, "The Master with No Name" (
:icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 1 1
VRAINS AU - In the Name of the Ai by darkartsfart VRAINS AU - In the Name of the Ai :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 15 3 VRAINS AU - Trees of Treachery by darkartsfart VRAINS AU - Trees of Treachery :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 6 1
Another Mixed Bag
My Suffering Is Undying, You Are Not - Type 0: The Magician (House of the Dead) vs Elise (and Elise, and Elise), the Eternal Envy (Azure Striker Gunvolt)
One Hell Of A Time - Doomguy (DOOM) vs Clownpiece (Touhou Project)
Hope Against Horror: Hasbro's Worlds Collide - Moonflowers (Hanazuki: Full of Treasures) vs The Inhumanoids (The Inhumanoids)
The Violets, The Hive, and the Throwdown - The Ultra Violets (The Ultra Violets) vs H.I.V.E. Five (Teen Titans cartoon)
Bring Your Best Game Face - Cuphead & Mugman (Cuphead i
:icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 2 1
Eh, this one took a while
We Had to Grow Up Fast - Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss) vs Pink Diamond (Steven Universe)
I'm Greedy But I Ain't Bad, Anymore - Pokemon Coordinator Mitsumi (Pokemon) vs Impmon/Beelzemon (Digimon Tamers)
Bound by Honor, I Protect - Darling Charming/Wonderland's White Knight (Ever After High) vs [DWN]-044 Knight Man (Mega Man)
Our Comics Aren't Dying Out, Really! - W.I.T.C.H. (W.I.T.C.H., comics) vs Champions (Marvel Comics)
:icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 2 1
Row! Row! Fight the Power! by darkartsfart Row! Row! Fight the Power! :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 9 1 VRAINS AU - Around the House by darkartsfart VRAINS AU - Around the House :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 7 1
A Violet Kind of Battle Sale

I recently got my hands on the whole Ultra Violets books series, so I thought I'd give the girls of the series some love Death Battle-wise
To Tango in the Boxing Ring - Scarlet Louise Jones vs Wade Hixton (Wade Hixton's Counter Punch)
If I Stayed Evil... - Opaline Ann Trudeau vs she-demon!Sunset Shimmer (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Equestria Girls)
Soaring Through Vio Skies, Hell Yeah - Cheri Jeanne Henderson vs Charles "Kite Man" Brown (DC Comics)
My Hair and I Know Some Tricks - Iris Grace 'RiRi' Tyler vs Shantae, Guardian of Scuttle Town (Shanta
:icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 2 1
VRAINS AU - A Family That Hacks Together... by darkartsfart VRAINS AU - A Family That Hacks Together... :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 7 1 VRAINS AU - Fresh Retcon, Locked and Loaded by darkartsfart VRAINS AU - Fresh Retcon, Locked and Loaded :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 2 3 VRAINS AU - Draconian Ambitions and Dark Decisions by darkartsfart VRAINS AU - Draconian Ambitions and Dark Decisions :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 4 1
Because why not, another sale
Crusading Against Lucifer - Emi Yusa (The Devil Is A Part-Timer!) vs Theodore & Pony Island 'vessel' (Pony Island)
Aiming for Champion - Unova!Ash Ketchum (Pokemon anime) vs Boss Trainer Benga (Pokemon games)

To Serve By Our Elements - Four Guardians of Neo Arcadia (Mega Man Zero) vs Hyness and the Jambastian Mages (Kirby)
Collision of Holy Heroics - The Hero/Black Knight (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha) vs Emilia Justina (The Devil Is A Part-Timer)
Let's Finish This Game With Something Big - TOME's "Dandy Alliance" (TOME: Terrai
:icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 1 0
VRAINS AU -  Riding to Treasure, Hacker for Hire by darkartsfart VRAINS AU - Riding to Treasure, Hacker for Hire :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 6 1 VRAINS AU - Lost in Agony, the Mistress of Revenge by darkartsfart VRAINS AU - Lost in Agony, the Mistress of Revenge :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 7 1
Sailor Moon feats for DEATH BATTLE Part 7
Due to the overwhelming amount of Sailor Moon content in the making of my Sailor Moon bio--- my biggest undertaking without a doubt, I've had to give 'feats across different continuities' their its own doc... only to run out of room, and again even after splitting it in half...
For preservation of sanity and to make sure I have room to expand the feats list, I've split the feats stuff seven ways. As these won't be posted in order, the chronological table of contents is as follows:
    -Part 1 = manga and Crystal anime
    -Part 2 = 90's anime & associated media
    -Part 3 = First Stage, Second Stage, and Third Stage Sera Myu musicals
    -Part 4 = video games not blanketed under Part 2, crossovers with Nakayoshi magazine, and non-canon items of note
    -Part 5 = "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" toku drama
    -Part 6 = big-name fan productions
        i) likely to be updated as time passes
:icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 1 1
VRAINS AU - Hail to the Champ by darkartsfart VRAINS AU - Hail to the Champ :icondarkartsfart:darkartsfart 12 2


Commission - Sick Wetfox by DinoBirdOfDoom Commission - Sick Wetfox :icondinobirdofdoom:DinoBirdOfDoom 20 4 Commission - Shadow Sae Cosplay by DinoBirdOfDoom Commission - Shadow Sae Cosplay :icondinobirdofdoom:DinoBirdOfDoom 44 2 Ahsoka and Katherine by EaeLovePotion
Mature content
Ahsoka and Katherine :iconeaelovepotion:EaeLovePotion 15 9
A fairy's Mishap by Sir--Raptor
Mature content
A fairy's Mishap :iconsir--raptor:Sir--Raptor 68 4
Morrigan Scarecrow by Avernalism
Mature content
Morrigan Scarecrow :iconavernalism:Avernalism 40 2
CWC: Emilia by Ullamaliztli CWC: Emilia :iconullamaliztli:Ullamaliztli 243 11 Cellphone Wallpaper Commissions OPEN! by Ullamaliztli Cellphone Wallpaper Commissions OPEN! :iconullamaliztli:Ullamaliztli 56 17 Pillow Talk (GERMAN) by DaneeBound Pillow Talk (GERMAN) :icondaneebound:DaneeBound 4 2 Me on a Daily Basis by lydiaanimelover1 Me on a Daily Basis :iconlydiaanimelover1:lydiaanimelover1 1 0 Nellko - Slugbox' OC - V2 by seviesphere
Mature content
Nellko - Slugbox' OC - V2 :iconseviesphere:seviesphere 145 3
Nellko - Slugbox' OC - V1 by seviesphere Nellko - Slugbox' OC - V1 :iconseviesphere:seviesphere 139 3 Titty Tweety - #tweetfur by seviesphere Titty Tweety - #tweetfur :iconseviesphere:seviesphere 175 3 Sergio's Winter Adventures by Sergiroth Sergio's Winter Adventures :iconsergiroth:Sergiroth 24 1 High Impact Chest by Sergiroth High Impact Chest :iconsergiroth:Sergiroth 87 9 When The Smoke Clears by Sergiroth When The Smoke Clears :iconsergiroth:Sergiroth 69 3 Yuri's Invitation by Sergiroth Yuri's Invitation :iconsergiroth:Sergiroth 108 5


Alex Gutierrez
United States
I can't say much about myself but here are some of my favorite anime fights (Yes I'm very exact about my fights)I pretty much enjoy most multi-stage battles:
*Sonic X:
"Sonic Heroes"/Blue Typhoon and co. vs Final Metterex Fleet
~Everyone vs Metterex armada
~Knuckles and Rouge vs Black Narissist(sp?)
~"Sonic Heroes" vs Metterex Chimera
~Sonic vs Dark Oak's mind
~Cosmo vs Chimera's power drain
~Supers Sonic and Shadow vs Metterex Chimera
~Supers Sonic and Shadow vs Dark Oak's Gravity
~Tails/Eggman's "Super" Sonic Power Cannon vs Cosmo+Dark Oak
~Super Shadow vs Dark Oak

*Sailor Moon:
Serenity II, later with Serenity III and co. vs Wiseman

*Tales of the Abyss:
ToA Party vs Van/Lorilei

*Dragonball Z
Gohan and co. vs Cell:
~[Super Sayian] Gohan vs Perfect Cell
~"SSJ" Vegeta, "SSJ" Trunks, and Goku's Z Fighters vs 6 Cell Juniors
~Android no.16 vs Perfect Cell
~"SSJ2" Gohan vs 6 Cell Juniors
~"SSJ2" Gohan vs Perfect Cell
~Son Goku vs Imperfect Cell
~"SSJ2" Gohan, later with the Z Fighters, then Vegeta vs Super Perfect Cell

*Asura Cryin'
"Science Club and Natsume/Hagane vs Hiwako, Toru, and Tokiya" fight series
-Shuri(?),later with You vs Toru
-Kanade vs Hiwako
-Natsume/Shirogane vs Charlize
-Shuri vs Toru
-Kanade vs Hiwako and Charlize
-Natsume I/Hagane vs Toru, later Tokiya
-Natsume/Shirogane vs Hiwako and Charlize
-Natsume/Shirogane vs Tokiya's Asura Cryin(?)
-Ania vs Tokiya

*Big O
"Big O vs Big Duo Inferno"

"Naruto & co. vs Six Paths of Pain" fight series:
-(Sage Mode) Naruto & Toad summons vs Six Paths of Pain
-Hinata vs (Deva Path) Pain
-(Four-Tailed ---> Six-Tailed) Naruto vs (Deva Path) Pain
-(Sage Mode) Naruto vs (Deva Path) Pain

Current Residence: San Jose, CA
Favourite genre of music: Varied Tastes
Personal Quote: "Gotta be open-mined to live a life."
I’m just doing this Journal at the behest of my pal :iconwag-man:, as I’m entering his 200 Watcher raffle. My word may not mean much but he’s always been a pal, and he’s been on an art roll all year. Check out the raffle and give him some love. The more of us join in, the more we all stand to gain.


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