life's dead lullaby

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Life's Dead Lullaby

What is there to write,
when words cannot describe,
the life that passes you by,
to be with me tonight.
my heart that's scarred inside,
lives within the lie,

Of Life's Dead Lullaby.

To please with in the pain,
By the souls of immortalism,
with what is lost,
you cannot regain,

Of Life's Dead Lullaby.

To watch the pain and sorrows,
of joy's lifeless breathes,
to be deep inside,

Of Life's Dead Lullaby.

Bless the night,
for it will not pass,
for the Angels,
do not sigh for me anymore,
and with each lifeless touch,
I will always think of you,

As Life's Dead Lullaby...

I wrote this one night thinking of some people I care about... you know who you are... I Love All Of My Friends... if I didn't then I wouldn't have chosen y'all you walk beside me on this journey that I am going through... I pick my friends carefully and if you didn't know that then just ask one of them... Y'all mean the world to me and all I feel like it that you don't even want to hold my hand.... Blessed Be Bitches!
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