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have you ever felt like you were trapped in a box and there was nothing to do you had no where to call your own you didnt even have your own space cause you felt like you werent allowed to have it???

have you ever understood what it was like when you stared into the glass where you used to trap bugs to watch them... i dont mean like understood the bugs but what the bugs must have felt like being watched and never allowed the privilege of being let free that one last time to breathe the air that gave them life???

have you ever felt like you were wearing clothes that were way too tight and you couldnt breathe right all you felt like you were doing was breathing in but not able to breathe out... just the realize what you were wearing wasnt even tight to begin with???

have you ever understood the meaning of life one day and then hit your head and forget it all over again???

have you ever seen something very simple be so beautiful just to turn around to see it destroyed in front of you???

have you ever tried to get some peace and quiet just to see it all turn into something that will keep your ears ringing for the next three days???

have you ever shed tears just to realize that you were crying for yourself???

have you ever thought that you would do anything for someone just to find out that they would do anything to not be with you???

have you ever held someone till the late hours of the night just to wake to them not being there????

have you ever understood everything but couldnt explain anything????

have you ever wished that  you would go deaf just so you couldnt hear the screams of your own thoughts?

have you ever thought of me and wondered why????

have you ever wondered why all i do is scream inside from my own thoughts???

have you ever wondered why you could tell me anything and i understood cause i have been there at least once before???

have you ever woken up and thought hey maybe i will stay here with her???

have you ever thought that the reason i would do anything for you even though you arent there for me sometimes is because i know you need me when you want me???

have you ever realized that is why i cry???

have you ever wondered why i leave by myself once a year???

have you ever wondered why i worship what you do say and create???

have you ever wondered why i stare deep into your eyes all the time???

have you ever wondered why i hate being in love or care so deeply for you???

have you ever understood why i always hated being thought of as "one of the OTHER girls"?

have you ever wondered why i shut the door and put on head phones and cry and hope yall wont come in just to turn everything i just did upside down????

have you ever wondered if this is the reason why i write poetry???
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