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The Woods

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Sometimes when we wander off the straight and narrow, flat and conservative path of life, we can find ourselves in the woods without a path - where anything can happen.

Completed July 9th, 2012.

Black watercolor & black fineliner.
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Great job, the technique creates a really dark, mysterious mood for those woods. Love all the faces in there!
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Thank you very much!!
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this is sheer greatness, i love it... :D
i'm in a bit of a hurry, so i don't have the time to tell you what came to my mind when i saw this gorgeous drawing... when you answer, i can tell you later...
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Thank you so much - I'm really glad that you like it!! I've been looking at your gallery & you have some beautiful art there. I also love your appreciation of the countryside & your love of your family. I have a daughter & 3 sons - now all young adults - & it's so nice to see that somebody else cherishes their family & includes their cats etc as one of the family (we have 3 cats here - each one is the best friend of one of my sons). :D
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thank you, so nice...:D

yes, we see all animals as part of the family - of course, if one of them dies, it's always a real loss (we lost two dogs, several cats, guinea pigs and chickens - so i know how it feels)...
i think it's very important that children grow up with animals - the people who think it's a hygiene problem, talk bullshit, my opinion... :D

anyway, what i wanted to tell you is from way back in the 70s when i had my first big love - that girl lived in a village about 15km away from my parents' place, so i had to hitch hike to visit her... in the evenings i could walk through a forest to come to our disco, and from there i always found a lift home... so, these walks through the forest, all alone in the dark for about 3/4 of an hour, were most thrilling... i made so many cool experiences and had so many strange "adventures" or rather encounters, i wouldn't miss this time... :D
your picture immediately brought back the memory of that time... :D
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I totally agree with you about the importance of children being around animals & nature, & the stupidity of worrying about diseases from animals etc. If your children & animals are healthy & cared for properly, then I don't think that there is any problem.

I loved your story about the forest - thank you so very much for sharing that with me!! This might make me sound pretentious or boastful, but it proves to me that art can cross barriers of oceans, time & place, & call on the shared experiences of being human - in a good way. Thank you for that. :D
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ha, i just wanted to show someone a scanned anolog photo, and happened to stumble across this old one of mine - fits perfectly in this context, haha...
i had a very nice childhood and i treisure a lot of nice memories - one of them is living in a big tent for some days with my parents, when i must have been 3 or 4... :D

pretentious? boastful? no, not at all! this is one of the bestest things about dA - to share and exchange art, ideas, thoughts and dreams all across this little big apple... :D
even if it's about - - - toilets, haha...
btw. the craziest example from my toilet faves folder (imagine!)
:D :D :D
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I'm sorry to say this, but I've used worse toilets than that one!! :D

Where I grew up, we had what in Australia is called a "dunny" - an outdoor toilet. My mother used to empty the can of excrement into a hole that she dug in her vegetable garden - ugh!!!! I might add that most Australians had indoor toilets & flushing toilets back then, but my family didn't. At least the toilet in this photograph is well ventilated!! :D
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seen... :D
yes, well ventilated is right... :iconroflzberriesplz:
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Am I supposed to be able to see lots of faces in this or am I just peculiar? :S
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Lots of faces in The Woods!! :D
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Glad it's not just me. ;)

Thanks very much for the llama as well.
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Thank you for the llama return!! :D
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I love the texture you achieved with this! There is an almost mechanical order to the way the branches are formed. I spend at least a couple hours in the forest everyday. :omg:
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Thanks very much!! We don't have forests in Australia - we have the Australian bush instead. Forests always sound so beautiful & green to me. :D
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Oh my how about them crazy wildfires?! I love the desert as well, but in a very different way. When I am in a deep mountain forest I feel like I am one with the Earth and nature. Nothing better then watching a few squirrels gather nuts and seeds and stuff them into a hole in a tree. You get to realize that all animals are just as caring and important as humans.
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Which wildfires? I live in Australia and we have bush fires over here, but somehow I don't think that you're talking about that.

We don't have squirrels over here, but I would love to see one.

I think that a lot of animals are far more caring than humans, and I love reading about your experiences in the forest, so thank you!!
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Perhaps its just our media trying to freak us out, but they are saying its near catastrophic fire action in australia right now here are a few links.



I can't believe it gets to 50 degrees! 30 is super hot! You guys dont have squirrels? That kinda sucks haha but you have kangaroos those guys are pretty cool!

In contrast to your crazy heat we are sitting under several feet of snow, where I live high in the rockey mountains, although its only about -10 here which is not very cold from what I am used to.

Animals are true natures creatures, they rely on only the nature to provide them with life, we also do that but in a discusting planet destroying way that involves making a shit tonne of plastic crap and mining the earth until there is no nature left. Haha I am glad you like my stories I suppose I have quite a few of them, some of which even involve crazy UFOs!
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No, it rarely gets to 50 degrees here - not where I live, in Victoria, anyway. It can go to over 40 degrees, but usually no higher than 45. It's still too hot though, & it's a dry heat down here usually, which I don't like.

The fires aren't down around here, but Victoria - which has lately been dubbed "the nanny state" is overly zealous in their paranoia about bush fires. People came over today & chopped down the only tree in our back yard, because it was close to the house & so therefore - a fire hazard. Why the hell they had to chop out our daisy bushes too is beyond me!!!! Daisy bushes - 10 years old - beside a 4 b/room, brick house - how does that constitute a fire hazard? It's ridiculous! We had a lovely orb weaver spider who used to live in it, along with a host of other insects, & our 3 cats loved to lie under it. Now - it's razed earth.

-10 degrees sounds very, very cold. It doesn't usually get so cold in winter here, & where I live, it hasn't snowed since 1981. Even then, the snow melted before it hit the ground.

I'd love to hear your story about the UFO. I am not a doubter or a skeptic. My ex-husband saw one once. He was driving in New South Wales & he saw a light & his car went dead. The light passed by & his car started again when he tried it.

I know a Canadian on Youtube who saw a UFO in Winnipeg (I think) once. UFO's are around. There are - thankfully - many more things on earth than just humans.
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Awwe thats sad about your daisy bush, but modern society hardly suprises me with its insanity anymore. Right now I am on a Trip to my hometown in Regina, its super sub-artic temperatures here, like -40 with the wind chill. It is just mind blowingly cold, I cant wait to go back home on thursday haha.

I have actually had 4 really good UFO sightings in my life and one really strange abduction type deal where I lost a bunch of time in a really strange circumstance. 3 of the four were in the day with a shiny metallic object just foating around in the clear blue sky, sometimes even cloud peaking almost like it wants to to notice how weird its acting. But the one at night is by far my most spectacular, I was driving back home from Saskatoon after seeing an Elton John show with my Ex, we were on the highway maybe 10 minutes when all of a sudden we both notice a giant bright blue ball in the sky! Just hovering there, and I mean giant I would say 100 meters in diameter. It just sat in the sky lighting up the landscape in blue, we stopped the car and watched at it suddenly mechanically started dropping down toward earth, it passed into a cloud and lit up the sky like day except it was bright blue! We were freaking right out at this point having come to the obvious conclusion that this was a damn alien craft! Then it just headed toward the ground and landed in a farmers field about 5-10 kms away from the highway, you couldent see it but you could still see the blue aura that it was making. We were scared titless and we pinned it home! We have done research and many people have also whitnessed the blue light over the years.

The abduction story takes a really long time to describe and I dont actually remember being taken on a ship at all but it was really stange to loose close to 6 hours when you were awake and sober.

[link] This series is classic for UFO culture there are 4 parts free on youtube. :)
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Thanks very much for the link, & thanks even more for your description of the UFO encounter, which was very interesting. Have you ever read Whitley Streiber's "Transformation"? It's the second book of his (the first one is "Communion" & not as good, in my opinion) & deals with his alien abductions etc. Have you found yourself changed since the abduction - eg eating less meat?

I don't believe that aliens are hostile - even the greys - but I don't think that it's easy for a person to get past the fear that naturally arises.

Do you remember if the aliens had very big black eyes that weren't necessarily almond shaped, but round?
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Everything in your gallery is totally fascinating. It's just the one word above others that is forefront in my mind every time I go to write a comment. This reminds me of basketwork, woven cloth and loose crochet work in different places, and the faces are like real trees - each with its character and sometime human-looking face. A true work of love and dedication!
There's a wizard sitting on a branch here [link] if you feel like having a look for him. His head is sitting on the bottom right branch right near the trunk and his body is hanging below (where it should LOL).
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Thank you very much - that is a wonderful compliment!! I love your tree with the wizard in it!!
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