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Plastic Wax Factory Vol 06 29 - TSATHOGGUA by darkalfar Plastic Wax Factory Vol 06 29 - TSATHOGGUA by darkalfar
Plastic Wax Factory Vol 06 29 - TSATHOGGUA

TSATHOGGUA. Great Old One whose amorphous body usually takes the form of a furry toad-like being with sleepy eyes and a toothy grin, or a combination of bat and sloth. The genealogist Pnom maintains that Tsathoggua, the offspring of Ghisguth and Zstylzhemghi, came with them and its grandfather Cxaxukluth from a distant galaxy to Yuggoth when it was still an infant. Secreting itself in deep caves on Yuggoth to hide from its grandsire, Tsathoggua later made its way to Saturn. According to other myths, the inhabitants of a dark planet at the edge of our system brought Tsathoggua to Earth from Saturn. Some insist that the toad-god remained in an alien species' ruined city of Yuth in the stone desert of K'li-Phon-N'yah after his arrival on Earth. Nonetheless, most authorities agree that after its arrival it left Yuth to take up residence in the black caverns of N'Kai. It lived beneath Mount Voormithadreth for a brief while, retreating to its former home when his worship declined and the ice whelmed Hyperborea. A few heretics insist that it lies in a cavern beneath Averoigne, but they are probably incorrect. At some point, Tsathoggua mated with Shathak, who begat Ossadagowah, and a serpent person with which it sired Kzadool-Ra, whom it destroyed later in a fit of jealousy. The serpent-men of the red-litten cavern of Yoth were the first to worship Tsathoggua. From Yoth its worship spread to K'n-Yan, and thence to the arctic land of Lomar and the outer world. First the Voormis and later the human invaders of Hyperborea revered the toad-god. The Atlantean high priest Klarkash-ton revived its cult, and the dark Averones who fled Atlantis for Averoigne took its worship with them. The Druids of Averoigne revered the god's utterances, voiced through a slowly devolving oracle. A French cult of Tsathoggua was powerful into medieval times and still survives today. The Narragansett and Wampanoags of Massachusetts worshiped it at one time, but they later gave up this adoration. The people of Zothique will know him as Zathogwa the Outcast, but his cult will be outlawed in those distant times. Tsathoggua's cult may survive in underground sanctuaries in major cities, gaining power from orgies and sacrifices. Some say that Tsathoggua gains sustenance from human war and instability. Others claim that the god has had such little worship that most of his physical substance has dispersed. Those who attend his rites may degenerate, gaining animalistic characteristics due to their proximity.
The beasts of the wood held a special reverence for Tsathoggua, and cats were known to guard its shrines in Averoigne. In addition, it is served by formless black entities called his spawn, though the exact degree of relationship between the two is unknown, and the reanimated dead. Only one of Tsathoggua's ritual chants is known:
 N'ggah-kthn-y'hhu! Cthua t'lh gup rlhob-g'th'gg Igh thok!
 G'llh-ya, Tsathoggua! Y'kn'nh, Tsathoggua!
 It hath come!
 Homage, Lord Tsathoggua, Father of Night! Glory, Elder One, First-Born of Outer Entity!
 Hail, Thou Who wast Ancient beyond Memory
 Ere the Stars Spawned Great Cthulhu!
 Power, Hoary Crawler in Mu's fungoid places! la! Ia! G'noth-ykagga-ha! la, la, Tsathoggua!
Tsathoggua's high rites are performed on May-Eve and Halloween. Lesser festivals are held on the nights of the new moon between midnight and 3 a.m. Rumor has it that Tsathoggua has been cast out from his brethren among the Great Old Ones for a truly terrible and revolting act. One authority maintains that he is identical with Chaugnar Faugn, though this is unlikely.

The Plastic Wax Factory, purveyors of intricate and fine molten effigies.
All your gods, demons, devils, angels, monsters and fey folk, creatures of the abyss to Leech Lords of the Cthulhu mythos, witches, warlocks, and lunatic residents of asylums the world over.
All are represented here in glorious molten plastic wax, set alight and melted into puddles of primordial grotesquerie.
Recommended for the mad and delirious and those fine folks from Leeds, Hull and Scarborough.
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