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Plastic Wax Factory Vol 05 85 - HYPERBOREA by darkalfar Plastic Wax Factory Vol 05 85 - HYPERBOREA by darkalfar
Plastic Wax Factory Vol 05 85 - HYPERBOREA

HYPERBOREA. 1) Fabled northern civilization that came to power during the Miocene Period between nineteen and twenty-five million years ago. A long-eared, fair-haired people from the south originally populated Hyperborea. These settlers first traded with, and later exterminated, the sub-human voormis who had inhabited the area before them. At this time in history, the northern lands were warm and fertile. Vast  jungles, filled with exotic life from sabre-toothed tigers to the last remaining dinosaurs, covered much of the continent. The people of Hyperborea were cultured and learned in the arts of science and magic. Their capital, first at Commoriom and later Uzuldaroum, was a marvel to behold. For many years after their arrival in Hyperborea, the people of this region worshiped the toad-god Tsathoggua, as the voorrnis had before them. Later, the worship of this deity fell out of practice as the populace turned to more urbane deities. Soon, the worship of Tsathoggua was so uncommon that when the priests of the elk-god Yhoundeh declared an inquisition to deal with the Tsathogguan infidels, they were not opposed. Many of the black god's congregation were killed, and others fled the persecution to the southern colony of Krannoria. Though they were initially successful, Yhoundeh's clerics soon lost favor with the populace. The worship of Tsathoggua began a short resurgence  before the end of the Hyperborean civilization. Of the many sorcerers who dwelt in Hyperborea, two are of especial note. The first, Zon Mezzamalech, who lived upon the northern peninsula of Mhu Thulan, is barely mentioned by the ancient texts despite his great feats. The second, Eibon, gained himself more renown. Though his exploits and astral  journeys of this wizard are matters of legend, he is better known for penning the Book of Eibon. Sadly, Yhoundeh's inquisitors cut short Eibon's career, discovering that the sorcerer had made a pact with Tsathoggua. Though he was able to escape his would-be captors by magical means, Eibon was never again seen in Hyperborea.  Near the end of the Miocene Period, glaciers rolled over the northern portions of Hyperborea. Many of the land's lords and wizards fought to save their land from the cold, but their efforts were to no avail. After many centuries, the ice covered all of Hyperborea.
The lore of the lost continent was not forgotten, however. The Atlantean high priest Klarkash-Ton recorded the myths of Tsathoggua and the rest of the Commoriom myth-cycle, and the Greeks  believed that a race known as the Hyperboreans lived in a warm paradise far to the north.
2) Two thousand years after Atlantis sunk, another kingdom named Hyperborea occupied the area around the present-day Gulf of Finland. A group of nomadic Hyborian tribesmen, who settled down there to build their great stone cities, became the founders of this new Hyperborea.
[In Greek myth, Hyperborea was a land to the north whose people lived in a mild clime and worshiped Apollo, god of the sun and music. Madame Blavatsky later placed Hyperborea in a previous age of earth before Atlantis and Lemuria, a model picked up by the early Mythos writers. In his letters Lovecraft sometimes drew parallels between Smith's Hyperborea and his own Lomar, and at other times recorded them as existing at different times.]

The Plastic Wax Factory, purveyors of intricate and fine molten effigies.
All your gods, demons, devils, angels, monsters and fey folk, creatures of the abyss to Leech Lords of the Cthulhu mythos, witches, warlocks, and lunatic residents of asylums the world over.
All are represented here in glorious molten plastic wax, set alight and melted into puddles of primordial grotesquerie.
Recommended for the mad and delirious and those fine folks from Leeds, Hull and Scarborough.
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