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Blinking Frost Icon by DarkAcey Blinking Frost Icon :icondarkacey:DarkAcey 6 3 Gingerbread Boys by DarkAcey Gingerbread Boys :icondarkacey:DarkAcey 23 6
Hands together above my head, I spear the water with a slap.
Salty surf stirred by the waves hits the rocks with a slap.
The spring sings with crickets at night and birds at morning.
But in winter’s mourning, silence is like a slap.
My mother loved me fiercely, like a lone lioness.
Her claws dig deep into my skin with every slap.
In the emperor’s race, the rat and the cat were comrades.
But the rat knocked the cat into the river to win with a slap.
A feather dancing with black feet, tripping over parchment
knows the sting of bad footwork like a slap.
:icondarkacey:DarkAcey 1 0
Happy Thanksgiving! by DarkAcey Happy Thanksgiving! :icondarkacey:DarkAcey 8 7
Swing Set
The swing set creaked with a cacophony of crickets while a girl swayed alone in the park. Her hood covered her face from the moonlight filtering through the clouds.
         Down the path, a boy approached her. “Chloe!” He waved with a smile, and she looked up from her black Converse at Devin. “Nice place you have here.”
         “Yeah.” Chloe continued rocking in place, tipping her feet from her heels to her toes, back and forth.
         “So…” Devin took a seat on the swing beside her. “What do you do out here?”
         Chloe looked up at the cloud-veiled moon. “I just listen and think about things.”
         “Okay.” Devin looked up as well, but found the surrounding landscape more interesting. “Thanks for inviting me here. It’s kind of nice. So, um…
:icondarkacey:DarkAcey 7 2
bombshells whistle
flying, boot-steps crunch
snow, flakes fall
leaves, behind a child crying
blood angels
:icondarkacey:DarkAcey 3 7
Picking Pumpkins
         Our green station wagon squealed to a stop in the gravel parking lot outside of the Louisburg Cider Mill. My sister and I flew out of the car faster than spring-loaded snakes in a can. My mother dragged herself out and hauled up her packed leather purse. “Girls, wait,” she called. We were already halfway down the parking lot, in the middle of a square dance of cars.
         Colorful pennants fluttered above the entrance to the Cider Mill. Dozens of tank-topped women and men in sweaty t-shirts emblazoned with advertisements lined up for snow cones, barbeque, and the entrance to the Cider Mill store. Some kept close watch on small children, but most of the young ones trampled about in the little pumpkin patch filled with hay.
         “Girls, see?” My mother pointed towards the little patch. “There are plenty of pumpkins to choose from right there.”
:icondarkacey:DarkAcey 5 3
Aloft buoyant carriages,
designed especially for gaffers,
Hamish infuriated James.
Killing Lady Madeline
never occurred problematic.
Quizzical, really.
Still, taken under vanity,
waiter Xavier yawped zilch.
:icondarkacey:DarkAcey 5 11
Happy Birthday, Cathy-chan! by DarkAcey Happy Birthday, Cathy-chan! :icondarkacey:DarkAcey 6 4 Art Trade with SamuraiWARRIOR7 by DarkAcey Art Trade with SamuraiWARRIOR7 :icondarkacey:DarkAcey 6 4 Art Trade with Tori-34 by DarkAcey Art Trade with Tori-34 :icondarkacey:DarkAcey 7 5 Hidden Creek by DarkAcey Hidden Creek :icondarkacey:DarkAcey 12 9
The Adventures of Moth and Flame, Chapter 14
A Bird Behind Bars
The cold metal of the handcuffs on Andromeda’s wrists weighed heavily on her mind during the ride to the police station. After the police filed their reports, she was taken to the jail. They took her belongings, searched her body, and questioned her about everything from her family to the actual cause of the arrest. When they were finally finished with her, she was locked into a cell wearing only a coarse prison uniform and two metal bands on her wrists to block her ability to use fire. Three other women in the cell eyed her as she took in her surroundings.
    “What’re you in for?” one of the women asked. Her face and arms were covered in dark freckles, and her blond hair was cut short.
    Andromeda didn’t answer. The freckled woman had a padded bench to herself, and the other two women were sprawled out across the other bench. Unless she wanted to climb up to one of the bunks, she was forced to stand since she didn
:icondarkacey:DarkAcey 1 0
The Adventures of Moth and Flame, Chapter 13
A Snake among Mice
After Ewlys knocked on the door to Maribelle’s magic shop, she let them in and they went to the backroom where Ryker had appeared with her teleporting book.
    “This is where I make most of what you see in my shop,” Maribelle said, starting to cut a blue root vegetable into small pieces. She used her wand to light a fire beneath the cauldron. “In order to have a two-way connection to your team, I have to make a little brew.” Once she finished chopping up the vegetable, she took out a few other ingredients from the cabinets around the room and threw them in together into the cauldron.
    While Maribelle flipped through her spellbook for the right incantation, Ewlys said, “This seems like quite a lot of work just to speak with these people.”
    “Yes, well there are other ways,” Maribelle said. “But this requires the least amount of magical power, and the ingredients necessary a
:icondarkacey:DarkAcey 1 0
The Adventures of Moth and Flame, Chapter 12
Breaking Bad News
A fire truck and police car pulled up in front of the walls of the thieves’ hideout. The fire-starter tried to make another run for it, but she fenced him in with a ring of fire. Andromeda then stepped forward to greet the firefighters and police. “Thanks for coming, guys, but the truck won’t be necessary.” She held out her hand towards the fuel tanks. Closing it into a fist, she brought down her arm and the flames extinguished themselves.
    The firefighters looked at her incredulously. A police officer with the name Beauregard on his badge marched up to Andromeda, glancing briefly at the man in the ring of flames. “What is the meaning of this?”
    “That chick is nuts!” the fire-starter exclaimed. “She attacked me and blew up my fuel tanks!”
    “That man is a thief and tried to shoot me,” Andromeda said. “I acted in self-defense.”
:icondarkacey:DarkAcey 1 0
The Space Between
Andromeda fought with the lock on her front door, wishing her mother would take the time to fix the pesky thing. After taking out and reinserting her key a few times, the red-haired woman eventually got it to open and went inside.
    The wail of a squeaker under Andromeda’s boot made her jump, and she kicked a stuffed teddy bear across the foyer into the living room. A child’s table and chairs in the corner was surrounded by numerous other toys, all dressed in party clothes. On the table were plates with yesterday’s cookie crumbs and tea cups with the dregs of her sister’s favorite fruit tea.
    A smile tugged at Andromeda’s lips and she shook her head. She turned away from the living room to close and lock the door again, hung her coat, and then headed for the kitchen to make a late breakfast.
    Butter sizzled in a pan while Andromeda began mixing together eggs, ham, peppers, and cheese for an omelet. When she poured the mix into the pan, she took out
:icondarkacey:DarkAcey 4 11

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Girl in India = Disgrace = Molest = Rape/murder?
My intention was to post about the 100pt giveaway results in this blog today. However, I have changed my mind to post this blog instead after seeing a documentary video from BBC just now.
I have so much to say. I can write endlessly here but this video says most of it.
It is very shocking to see how females are being deprived in India. I am truly ashamed. But the most shocking thing that I have come across to know very recently from a friend of mine is that in a porn site, the 16th Dec Delhi rape case girl's pic was being used as an Ad with a message saying..
"Want to know how college girls are making XXXXX amount of money every month?"
The image that was used for the Ad was this one (the right one):
Yes, it is true! I have seen it myself. I am not naming the site here because I am not here to promote porn but to tell you that this is true.
This was so very shocking to see how humanity has crossed every lines they could possibly make. HOW CAN YOU USE IMAGES OF THOSE VICTI
:iconcyphervisor:CypherVisor 256 501
Handcrafted Gourd Lamp - Table lamp VI- Gourdlight by gourdlight Handcrafted Gourd Lamp - Table lamp VI- Gourdlight :icongourdlight:gourdlight 10 4 By The Water 2 by MarijaMiladinovic By The Water 2 :iconmarijamiladinovic:MarijaMiladinovic 80 27 Soldato Tedesco (the german soldier) by kiwiliko Soldato Tedesco (the german soldier) :iconkiwiliko:kiwiliko 429 38 Steam Crest by IkaikaDesign Steam Crest :iconikaikadesign:IkaikaDesign 53 0 Dragon and cog Tattoo by GrimsbySP Dragon and cog Tattoo :icongrimsbysp:GrimsbySP 17 3 Clockwork tattoo design by Bloodstained-Snow Clockwork tattoo design :iconbloodstained-snow:Bloodstained-Snow 66 18


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    Dear visitors, watchers, and friends,

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    I always enjoy meeting new people, so don't be afraid to say hi. I also love helping others improve their craft, so if you'd like me to critique anything, just ask. I'm rarely on deviantART anymore, though, so I'm sorry if I don't reply.

    ~ Steph AKA DarkAcey




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