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Megaman Zero - Zero's helmet

By Darka22
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La imagen que muestra el casco de Zero al final de MegamanZero 4


The pic that shows the zero's helmet at Megaman Zero 4
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Didn't Zero become a Cyber Elf after the fight with Weil?
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I don't think so.
Well, I just know Ciel user his remains to build the model Z but that's all. Let alone to what degree all that is canon.
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That ending had me crying A LOT.
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Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is official art, directly from the game. And, I also believe it is against the dA Terms of Service to post official works.
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You can search for the original (why would i post the same image of a gameboy game?). I dont really care if is gains some TOS, im not making money out of it, and is my right to express myself. 
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I never said anything about expressing yourself, did I? All I said was that it was against the TOS to post official art.
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Actually, the official art for the ending from Megaman Zero 4 was much more pixelated and was less saturated. This is a remastered form of said image, so to say.
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great game but bad ending
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It's not a bad ending! Area Zero was saved right? Zero sacrificed himself to save everyone!!!
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what i meant was that the zero 4 had a good but sad ending, and i saw your comment above if you think that was sad try and watch this ok? www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW0gvg…
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OOPS! Mispelling! Sorry!
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Great job! I'm kinda on the fence about whether you should have left the silhouette out of the sun. Either way, it's gorgeous! Excellent job!
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Zero is probably not dead because i beat the game and saw a figure resembling Zero standing where the sun is but it was hard to tell.
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Legends are never forgotten
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Solo espero que no halla muerto, la saga Zero es una de mis favoritas de todos los juegos existentes (Lol)

PD: Menudo monton de miera la saga ZX XD
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I still don't think this means hes dead. Then again I have never played the ZX series and beyond after the Zero series. However all I see is we have a helmet less Zero in MMZ5 :)
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*without helmet* Where the f*** is my helmet!?
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kinda sad this scene he died
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goodbye, brother....

- Xero
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