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Winter Crone

By dark777fairy
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Faerie spirit of the darkest side of Winter, from Samhain until Midwinter, when the nights will gradually start to draw out again. Nature has withdrawn into herself, holding the memory and experience of the past year and the promise of regenerating the spark of life in Spring...

All seems dark and cold, but there is still beauty in the forms of nature, though seemingly past their best. The fallen Autumn leaves and mushrooms point to the abundant time of life past, the apple cut cross ways shows the pips forming a five pointed star shape, a symbol of life and balance.

This time is often represented by the crone, an ancient lady full of wisdom and experience, associated with the direction of North and the element of earth. Her eyes are dark as she has turned away from interacting fully with the world at this time, but they are filled with stars as she holds the universe in contemplation.

Painted for :iconkaremelancholia: Inner Beauty contest

6in x 6in watercolour
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wow, dark fairy, you have an amazing imagination! such an inspiration to all! I am sending you warm blessings, of peace, love and prosperity for the new year! again, love your work!
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WOW! This is totally awesome!! For once I'm speechless & that in itself is amazing 😀 Love every single detail & there are lots of tiny details, all done just right, nothing detracts from anything else ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆
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Hi Dark777Fairy - I have a proposition. I'd like to use this piece with some poetry by 21st December. If you see this, could you kindly drop me a line. Thanks.
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This is fantastic! I love the facial expression and the way the branches and leaves surround her. The eyes are my absolute favorite part though. I always image Hecate with starry eyes.
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Your artwork is beautiful! :)
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A-amazing doesn't even begin... :noes:
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This is a beautiful picture, so evocative of the feeling of winter night. It moved me to do something of my own. It doesn't even approach the beautiful delicacy of this, but I thought you might like to know your work inspired another artist:
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i love your work!
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this is something amazing i admire you so muc as an artist .. and well your gallery is very impresionat i am scared because i cant draw like you ... wow so much talent over deviant ... i am happy to meet you.
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She reminds me vaguely of my inner person.
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There's just something about it that really captures me. :overwhelmed:
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Brilliant just brilliant!the so much imagination in your work I like how the hair tangles up with the trees.pure awesome!
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your welcome.
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Congrats to you on your win! The feature of your "Inner Beauty" contest entry is here:
:clap: bravo!
~Sandi ox
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Thank you so much, it's appreciated! :hug:
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Wonderful painting. I love the cold tones and the details in, and around his face.
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