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Dear Son

By Dark6Nika
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I'm so happy !!! =D ChochoYatori has finish her model of Lucrecia !! She takes me the great honnor to test the model ^-^ I had it before everyone ! Thank you so much Chocho ♥
 Let's do pictures with her lovely son °^°


Edit : Update this pic ! =D I remake it with xps, Seph and Luce' are better like this =D And another background with more effect o/
Satori marsh ♥ www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BvWPz…

Share on Tumblr : dark6nika.tumblr.com/post/8503…

(Please, ask to the owner for the models. Don't even ask to me, I can't redistribute these models.)

-Program : XNALara, photofiltre & Gimp2
-pose by me
-Sephiroth model by o0Crofty0o
-Lucrecia model by ChochoYatori & converted by riccochet2005 for xps
-Background :  Satorl Marsh from Xenoblade Chronicles


Lucrecia Crescent & Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII ©SQUARRE ENIX
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© 2013 - 2021 Dark6Nika
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I'm glad you like my little fanarts =)

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Ohh Lucrecia... Why did you have to be so eager to leave your sorrow's behind by crystalizing your self.
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Madness ...? =/
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No it was much more. Not being able to see or hold her son. Feeling responsible of a near death of a friend. Feeling guilty for even participating in a crazy experiment.
Lucrecia had a lot going on in her life. 
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Pretty sure that Vin was a bit more than a friend.

Poor Luci doesn't get the love she deserves.
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Well even if she loved Vin she wouldn't allow herself to think of him as something more than a friend.

And yes she doesn't get enough love...But I'm still a lil upset she chose Hojo over Vincent.

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I think there was some level of blackmail or threat involved that caused her to choose the scumbag.
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If he only knew the truth things would probably be different for him.😔
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For sure é.è

Thanks for the comment ♥
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This picture is about to make me cry.  The fact that he never finds out the truth about her and himself is one of the biggest tragedies of the story :(
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Yes, same mind é.è

Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you like it deary !
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Thank you so much for liking the macro I made of it on tumblr! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]
I'm also so worried that the original artist will be angry/upset about that.  I always try to give credit when I can find the artist.  There are so few pictures of Sephiroth with his true mother, and that just makes me sad.  I have pipe dream hopes that the remake will include more about her, but I'm not clinging too hard to that.
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No prob ! Na, I'm still glad to see someone take my stuff, if they don't clame that's their own I'm glad to see it's appreciated ! =) And more glad when they credit me =)
I'm very happy to find someone els who likes Lucrecia and Sephiroth =) 
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It breaks my heart and makes me cry actually ;_;  You're actually about to get another credit because I made some more macros :)
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Yeah, I see that on tumblr =) Thanks !
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didnt like lucretcia for she abandoned sephiroth, but i like to see she changed her mind
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She did'nt abandonned Sephiroth, Hojo took him away.
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right in the feels Cry forever 
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This is so beautiful. You've made an excellent concept of the incoming Mother's Day! True, I wished he would have met his real mother. Then it'll be a happy ending for one of Square's most precious character.
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