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Well, Happy Birthday to me! :)) Today, at 3 in the morning, I have turned 18. I feel so old :( I don't feel like a child anymore (well, it's just a feeling, I'm sure I'll be a child until the end of time :blush:). It's like I'm so close to being and adult and I really really really don't want to. Legally, now I have to respond for the conseqeunces of what I do and I hate having responsibilities. It was so great at the age of 17 :) I don't know why. Maybe because, overall, I had an amazing time, 17 it's like the perfect age for me. Well, it was. Now I have to turn this new 18 into the perfect one :)

Have a great day and drink a glass of wine or champagne for me ;)


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001 Nature Shots by aznb0i1049 Elongated by MrColon Wonderland is dead. by CottenCandii :thumb90137809: Wild Coast Square by LylicaGalatea Epiphany by ahmARtell15

Daisy Closeup by SparklersOasis :thumb89159277: Mist of the Rise by mediocrit Getting there by deadlymagic :thumb82078775: Music by PoisonGirl-sts

:thumb90727034: Side Mirror by Krevee lazy...me? by j4d3 :thumb79468731: Peaceful Day -edited- by everseen raindrops in the SuN by dincha

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Happy B-Day
may all your wishes comes true :aww:

thank you so much sweety for the lovely featured :rose: