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In Snow

CG Fanart Commission from *kaoru-chan and *inma

Characters © CLAMP
Artwork © Dark134


Thanks a lot for stopping by :heart:
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© 2010 - 2021 Dark134
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OMG!! I bought this from you at a con!! :'D i bought a frame for it and it hangs on my dormitory wall!! <3
YaoiLoverSama's avatar
Three cheers for KuroFai!
FochonaisFactory's avatar
yaoi, yaoi everywhere ♥
WolfieMoonlight's avatar
:love: :love; :love:
It's so adorable!!!!! ^w^
MysteryGreenTea's avatar
Wow. This is so gorgeous, I'm speechless by how beautiful this is. :heart: My gosh... I absolutely adore this to death. Outstanding work~!
bluebelle-88's avatar
Such a handsome couple.
Paipuru's avatar
There are SO many tones!
It's hard to keep up!
I need to learn to do that.
EtainNightstar's avatar
That's so beautiful and soothing. Really like the atmosphere!
panicKingly's avatar
:O <3 Beautiful. The scarf looks very well done! XD And the hair, umbrella, haaands...XDD Now, I could go on and on. ;D
SorrowLight's avatar
uuuu exciting xD
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<3 I like it alot. Did you make this picture?
THis is so beauiful, amazing, and GREAT!!
knight1128's avatar
This is so cool.
This amazing, beautiful and GREATTTT!!
Did you make this picture?
Sussis's avatar
I just bought a small print of this at Otakon!
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Soooo Pretty! Favs!
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KUROFAI. asfjsdgfkshgjkdfhkgjfhdjgdgjfjdhgjhfjhjghjfhfff
this is AMAZING.


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ohhh i love kaoru-chan! shes one of my faves
Cain-law's avatar
I love the way you use colour so much :)

And this picture is so beautiful :")
Milkuwoo's avatar
So pretty and amazing and and....
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