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Tutorial - Appliques

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Well, Kalasha* asked me to show her how I appliqued my petals on my Kimono [link] . That is an big work, so I decided to make a tutorial about it.

It's a method I learned by my mum, she's a tailor. I hope I could explain it so that everybody understands it. It's really dificult to discribe something >.< This is my first tutorial btw, so forgive my bad work :3

Pls contact me about grammatical or other mistakes, my english is really bad >.<

Adobe InDesign CS3

* I don't know how to add a avatar in comments >.< pls teach me *bow*

(There is a other Devination whit PDF here [link] )
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I would add that if, as in your picture, the applique shape is curved, then before turning it out, one should clip it in addition to trimming it, so it lays flat easier.

BTW, this will teach you how to add an icon link on dA.