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Dark Wolf's Electric Gimp Tut

A decent tutorial, hope you guys like :)
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outcome is sucking balls...
good tut, but bad outcome, do original stuff instead, with those skillz i now you could, you just have to think outside the box :)
Woops^_^' I forgot I had commented before^_^'
Great tut, really easy to follow (for me)! It's my fave ever GIMP tut!

That's my result. Epic tut, it's my fave ever!
NIce this should imporve my GFX
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i didnt understand the part with Copy Visible, so i skipped a part of it... well heres the result

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I like it ^^


I think it would have turned out better if i used the brushes you did...
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Cant seem to follow, I mean, I can get most of it, but, just cant seem to get it right.
Link to brushes please?
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awesome man i gotta try this out later
Thanks for contributing
btw always remember
Awesome Tut. I edited it quite a bit. At the end, i added a new layer of Sparks, then grew it then cut out the Background, added some Sparkle Brushes, and gave it the finishing touches. =D


Results. ^_^ I also made another version. Which i prefer.


Both taking my own big steps into it. Much prefer the Link sig tho. =D
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Good tut for people who are getting used to the interface of GIMP.
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sweet great tut but how do you do the layers offset??
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Very cool tutorial! I'll try it as soon as I get my hands on my computer that has GIMP. >:D
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Wow! I love this tutorial! Very nice!
My result...

Nice work i love the result ill try it soon enough. NIce work once agian.
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nice work man. but what does this "flatten your image" mean?
Go to Image > Flatten Image. It just deletes all the layers and whatnot.
sorry if i bothered but what grunge brush set exactly pleas
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lve it man, all i need are sum decent grunge brushes and i'll do it, BTW this is DLF from SC
Wow, really great Tut. Hard to follow for me >_<.
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u know, ive been looking to find that spark effect for along time...

and cuz of u, i found it!! Great Tut!! :)
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Ughh, my gimp keeps crashing!!!
Good tut. If I can get a result, I'll show it to you.
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