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Since Ruin has failed to deliver a complete comic, the winner of WST 2014 is Saturn! The tournament's finally will be posted during the following weeks!

(01/24/15) - 3 NEW NITRUS SIDE COMICS!

WST 2014 -Intermission Comic- Final Round by Dark-TL

WST 2014 - Brackets - Final Round by Dark-TL

Nika/Creepy1/2/3/4/5 VS Shad/Blue Knight - WST - R04P01 (Pre-fight) by IrregularSaturn

All information about the competitors can be found HERE.

CURRENT LOCATION: (Last Update: 12/06/14)
Localization 4 by Dark-TL

A few VERY important things:

- NEW DEADLINE: December 27th, Saturday, Midnight - EST (THE SATURDAY TO SUNDAY MIDNIGHT, NOT THE FRIDAY TO SATURDAY!!!) + One extra day if both fail to post their pages in time;

- The teams are supposed to find their opponent team and battle, until both members of the same team are unnable to fight (be it by knocking off, sealing, trapping, etc). Remember, nothing prevents you from interacting with other teams;

- Nitrusland, as you may know, is Cyrus's lair, a place filled with Nitrus radioctivity and toxic substances spreading from all active devices. The effects of Nitrus upon the characters MUST be depicted in your comics.

- Your characters STILL don't remember what happened in the castle after Cyrus presents his "proof", however, they somehow believe Cyrus can grant wishes now, even though they can't say why;
- Koto and Sagat, Nitrusbot OR WHOEVER YOU WANT, IF YOU FEEL LIKE REPLACING THEM, are supposed to comment the fight. Until your team engage in battle with another, they don't need to comment;
- Again, for those who want to replace the commentators, nothing prevents you from doing so;

-Nitrusland is filled with devices and weapons made by Cyrus, not to mention there are some people trapped in there (Cyrus's tests subjects, characters from previous events, etc...). One is free to interact with both these features.

- "ALL YOUR MG STILL BELONGS TO CYRUS!!!" - The MG City has been taken over by N. Cyrus and his Nitrus Minions! Not only that, the mad scientist was able to transfer his toxic energy through the whole place!! In other words, the city is now occupied by mutants/bots and most devices there are under Cyrus's control!
- Nitrus is all over and keep spreading, keep that in mind!
- I will be posting MORE side comics to elucidate you all about how all previous and uncleared events came to be, stay tuned!
- Remember The Commentator's New Booth is included in the "Resources topic" (which is present both in MG and TNWST), along with Sagat, Koto and several other things, if you want to use them, so check there. You can also find several of them in my gallery. EDIT: Please use Sagat's newer sprites.
- You can make side comics to improve/expand your comic, but they won't be included in the judgement as a quality factor (only as a complementation);
- The side comics must be posted in the "WST 2014 - The Story" topic, which is present both in MG and TNWST;
- For DA entries, you can post your side comics here, and I will add them to the topic;
- Camerabots are everywhere, remember that;
- The round is beginning in night time, so don't use day backgrounds, unless you want to create a situation where your fight begins/ends at dawn, which means you will need to show things getting clear;

- The fourth round fights are intended to long as much as the contestants intend to, which means you can take more than a day now, if you wish.

- If you update your sheet, you must warn everybody right way;
- Your team can go anywhere in the map. However, remember this is a huge country, one in the East Ground cannot reach the West Ground by taking a walk.
Anything else? If I'm forgeting something, just give me a word and I will answer.


-ROUND 1(LAST UPDATE: 01/15/2015)

Side Comic 1 by NeoAlpha88 WST 2014 - Side Comic 1 by Dark-TLClockworkClockwork 2 - Clockwork 3 7jrieHz by Dark-TL lLvSHcp by Dark-TL - MV8Llqe by Dark-TL - Sagat/Gardow - Round 1- After by SagatTheTiger - SUPERDUDE927 - Arti/Nicole - Arti/Nicole 2 - Arti/Nicole 3 - Zhilo - Claw in WST? by KeatonThFox - WST facetime part 1 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 2. by Sting-raptor WST facetime 3 by Sting-raptorWST facetime 4. by Sting-raptor WST facetime 5 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 6. by Sting-raptor WST facetime 7 by Sting-raptor - WST facetime 8 by Sting-raptor - Nika/Creepy 1 - Nika/Creepy 2 WST - Engineers by IrregularSaturn WST - Development by IrregularSaturn - WST - A Rest After All by IrregularSaturn - Balmung-Gram/Feesh - WST 2014 - Side Comic 2 by Dark-TL - WST 2014 - Side Comic 3 by Dark-TL - WST 2014 - Side Comic 9 by Dark-TL

-ROUND 2 (LAST UPDATE: 01/24/2015)

WST 2014 - Side Comic 11 by Dark-TL - bet with Fred. by KeatonThFox WST facetime 9 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 10 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 11 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 12 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 13 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 14 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 15 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 16 by Sting-raptor - WST facetime 17 by Sting-raptor - WST - GREEN CARNAGE! by IrregularSaturn - WST - The Bonds by IrregularSaturn WST - Blackmail by IrregularSaturn - WST - Sudden Strike P01 by IrregularSaturn WST - Sudden Strike P02 by IrregularSaturn WST - Sudden Strike P03 by IrregularSaturn - Clockwork 4Clockwork 5Clockwork 6Clockwork 7 - Round 2- Before by SagatTheTiger Round 2- After (Cancelled) by SagatTheTiger - Arti/Nicole 4 - Jack/GAI 1 - WST:FaceTroll by KeatonThFox - Nika/Creepy 3 - Nika/Creepy 4 - Nika/Creepy 5 - WST 2014 - Side Comic 5 by Dark-TL - WST 2014 - Side Comic 6 by Dark-TL - WST - Juri and Gloria by IrregularSaturn - WST- Windwalkers by lsj7812 - WST 2014 - Side Comic 12 by Dark-TL

-ROUND 3 (LAST UPDATE: 01/24/2015)

Nitrus Wst - Minions Gag by Dark-TL - WST 2014 - Side Comic 4 by Dark-TL - WST facetime 18 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 19 by Sting-raptor - WST facetime 20. by Sting-raptor - WST-Aftermath 1 by FrostRaven32 - WST facetime 22 by Sting-raptor - WST facetime 21 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 23 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 24 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 25 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 26 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 27 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 28 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 29 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 30 by Sting-raptor WST 2014 - Side Comic 7 by Dark-TL - WST facetime 31 by Sting-raptor - WST facetime 32 by Sting-raptor - WST facetime 33 by Sting-raptor -  WST facetime 34 by Sting-raptor WST facetime 35 End by Sting-raptor - WST- Aftermath 2 by FrostRaven32 WST- Aftermath 3 by FrostRaven32 - WST Aftermath 4 by FrostRaven32 - Arti/Nicole 5 - Arti/Nicole 6 - Arti/Nicole 7 - Arti/Nicole 8 - Arti/Nicole 9 - Arti/Nicole 10 - WST Aftermath 5 by FrostRaven32 - WST- Aftermath 6 by FrostRaven32 WST Aftermath 7 by FrostRaven32 - WST-The Minions 3 Round by KeatonThFox - WST-The Military by KeatonThFox - Nitrus Wst - Minions Gag 2 by Dark-TL Nitrus Wst - Minions Gag 3 by Dark-TL - Nika/Creepy 6 - Clockwork 8 - Nitrus WST Gag by lsj7812 - WST - Minions Gag by NeoAlpha88 - Clockwork 9 - Clockwork 10 - Clockwork 11 - WST 2014 - Side Comic 8 by Dark-TL - Jack/GAI 2Jack/GAI 3 - Balmung-Gram/Feesh 2 - WST 2014 - Side Comic 10 by Dark-TL - WST 2014 - Side Comic 13 by Dark-TL


Nika/Creepy 7 - Side-Comic by KeatonThFox - Clockwork 11 - Clockwork 12 - WST - The Hierarchy by IrregularSaturn - WST-Windwalkers p2 by lsj7812 - WST- Windwalkers 3 by lsj7812- WST-Windwalkers 4 by lsj7812 - WST- Windwalkers 5 by lsj7812
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lsj7812 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
O.o many updates I've been seeing. So everytime someone posts new comics on WST, you have to update this?
Dark-TL Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep, not to mention the posts in the other sites... it's kinda annoying, but that's the host's job! XD

I've just included your last side comic, though. Aside from that, nothing new was included this time.
lsj7812 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now I feel terrible that I didn't know about WST sooner.
Dark-TL Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Lool, yeah, it would have made the event much better to have meet ya sooner, not kidding! xD
lsj7812 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This seems to happen to me too much
Sting-raptor Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I'm happy Clockwork made that, I was a little lost as how he went from me spying on him to you using him as a puppet. 
Dark-TL Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heheh, I'm always planning each of my moves! I did that comic knowing he would be posting those sides soon! hehe
Sting-raptor Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Nice by the way if you need any more help watching over your place, my rates are cheap.
KeatonThFox Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Que o Final Round comece!:eager: by darkmoon3636 
Dark-TL Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Já tava na hora! XD
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