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Deep in the Underworld

By dark-spider
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"Beyond the Fields of Asphodel,
where the souls wander in sorrow,
beyond the Acheron waters,
there I will wait for your return.

I walk away around shadows,
listening moans of pain and despair,
but the voices of thousand ghouls
will not ease your memory in my head.

And now that leaves fall around Earth,
a golden carpet will lead you to me.
And with the cold wind of the winter,
six pomegranate seeds do their duty.

Here, deep in the Underworld
you will find our ebony throne,
and your voice of promises and whishes
will bring life to the eternal dreamers."

My own version of Hades & Persephone. In the picture I portrayed they both, with Cerberus. At the left we can see Charon in his boat and the river Acheron, and in the other side the river Phlegethon, made of fire.

There's a step by step of this one here: [link]

Done in Photoshop.


Artwork and text (c) Cris Ortega
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© 2007 - 2021 dark-spider
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The details ... I love his costume, so charming.
With such atmosphere you've succeeded on delivering the underworld feels to life. Amazing work
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The spotted one looks adorable in this picture.

Seriously, I can't get enough Hades-Persephone stuff. Also love Eros-Psyche stuff, if anyone can point me towered some o'that.
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Amazing work!
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HER DRESS OMFG :jawdrop: this whole piece is absolutely fantastic, from the vibrant colors to the attention to detail. bravo! :clap:
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Really beautiful work :)
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uploaded in 2007. im rly confused how the front page of deviantart works.

still an amazing pic tho. ;o
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This is Beautiful.   
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Awesome work... very original concept!

Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] 
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wow it looks like a photo o.o
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Marvelous work :clap:
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I love the poem - did you write it? It's a different and refreshing view of the myth; I'm so used to hearing of it from the "human/living side of things" (e.g. we get the death of nature in winter because of Hades cashing in the work of the 6 pomegranate seeds), and the alternative perspective of Hades and the Underworld pining for the life she brings during our Spring/Summer is very refreshing. I think it's also great how you chose to depict the characters in the picture as very different from their typical stereotypes (like Hades being young and handsome, Persephone holding his arm like a lover would, and even Cerberus having 3 expressions across his 3 faces). I think those kinds of details really make this a beautiful piece!
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Yes, I wrote the poem. I'm glad you like it.
I read some years ago a different approach to this myth in a book about how some myths were misinterpreted due to language differences, and found it quite interesting. So I tried to depict that version of the myth instead of the usual one.
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Really really loving your content! I wish my submissions were as good as yours...but unfortunately they are not XD

Keep up with the hard work ^^ the drawing reminds me of Sword Art Online a lot, but without to be anime. I find it very interesting.

:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

Please DO NOT make click on this link or an evil hamster will bite you in less than one hour! you're warned!
Man this gives me the chills, love that feeling.
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Lovely. Were you inspired by Sandara's art of this couple?
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Thanks =). No, I was not inspired by her art. If you check the dates you will see that mine was posted before hers, so it would be a little difficult =).
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