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:icondark-spectrumds:Dark-SpectrumDS posted a status
You know, this layout isn't so bad. I hope this actually WORKS though. I know it certainly is easier to just scroll down and view, fave and comment on different uploads. It's like deviantART is throwing updates from other people into your face without actually throwing them into your face if you can get what I'm saying.

However, what I really would like to figure out is what these people consider "undiscovered". Are deviations or artists really all that "undiscovered" if they can manage almost 100 faves within an hour to a day of posting, thousands of views and overall, earn several thousand watchers over a period of time with what appears to be consistent activity? Nah, don't hate the artist though, question the ones in charge so they can fix it while it's in beta. >_>

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