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Hey, thanks a lot for all the support. I apologize if I stirred up any kind of trouble. I have my spring break now from my university but that doesn't mean that I will have all the time in the world to be on the computer if I insist on drawing as much as I can over the break.

Zaiyn Zephyrion by Dark-SpectrumDS

Also, Today is March 5th and it is the day I declared for my character, Zaiyn Zephyrion, who is a prince (or of some sort of nobility) and is like a werewolf, as his birthday. You probably don’t remember him because I don’t draw him much. I was thinking of redesigning him soon, I dunno. His costume was kinda bland since it was based off of the one I created as a child rather than based off of actual research.

I was thinking of drawing him again sometime but I probably won’t be able to upload it today. The drawing at the top is about 3 years old.

Yeah, also 3 x 5 = 15! lol
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March 5, 2015


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