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Painting is definitely the thing now, ESPECIALLY digital painting. Of all things, I haven't even done that in a long time.

Look the truth is, I'm feeling like a major failure and reject. Almost everyone I know paints. Yeah, I do appreciate the connections also, but I'm feeling terribly left out because I don't paint. I mean, I've actually been passively rejected multiple times by other artists (who also happen to be pals with the folks I know), on accident mind you, because I didn't paint. I'm missing out on my life because I don't paint. I'm losing confidence in myself and I believe that I will never get it back unless I paint! Everyone I know even got popular because they paint! WTF have I been doing all my life all this time? TAT

Part of it is that my "paintings" get more attention than anything else. Like these (though they're not the best):
Noir Lovelock by Dark-SpectrumDS Delmar by Dark-SpectrumDS Karcharias Delmar: Sleeping by Dark-SpectrumDS

And so many people misjudge me because of this. (Plus, I don't like the direction my "art" is going in right now...)

I never had the time before to focus on digital painting. Now I do, but I'm too busy with this event thing.

I'd like to do what I like but that's not so important these days. Yeah, so I'm more comfortable with graphite. So? Folks expect me to do full color!

Regardless, ever since, I feel like I've been expected to become this great painter and because I haven't made much progress to that goal...well...

JUST BEAR WITH ME PLEASE! I'm almost done! I'm going to go paint next month hopefully! I have over 1,000 reference images to pick from! :eager:

I'm going to pray to the holy art gods... SO yeah, when I grow up, I would like to have a nice graphite style AND a nice digital painting style. They can be different as long as I can be happy. :pray:
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Submitted on
March 17, 2017