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Okay then, I have decided. These will definitely be my commission prices as of now. I will no longer offer busts. I like waist-up drawings better. I get my inspiration from art books, you know, those things such as The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney published by UDON and copyrighted to CAPCOM.

I PREFER TO DRAW MALES SO PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE ASKING ME FOR A SLOT. Also, check my gallery for they types of males I prefer. They must look good in my style or else you'll be disappointed at the result and there are NO REFUNDS.


They will be something like this:

  • Quick sketch: $15 USD
  • Sketch pages: $20 USD

Traditional drawing sketchy or blended (no originals will be sent)

  • Waist-ups $30 USD 
  • Knee-ups $40 USD

Digital Flat color or b&w (or shading) + Traditional

  • Waist-ups $25 USD
  • Knee-ups $35 USD

A quick sketch is usually random unless given proper instruction.

A sketch page is also random unless given proper instruction but they can consist of more than one of the commission types listed on one page, just not as complete so to speak.

Waist-ups generally look like this- (this is my best example) : Dante Mandrake's Older Brother by Dark-SpectrumDS

Knee-ups generally look like this-(this is my best example) :

Sometimes knee-ups can look like this, too if I get proper direction or if I'm very inspired :

But if you want, I can also do everything above but without shading as in a pencil line art with minimal shading. But for the same price as it takes a lot of time to get things neat and of good quality.

If you want two characters, double the price since it will be like I'm doing the commission twice and so on. Mature content will be $15 USD extra. PayPal ONLY and NO FAN ART unless I get strict permission.

Traditional with shading will be worth a bit more since it's much harder to execute than just traditional with digital shading. I may make more changes in the future because I do improve even just a little bit after each drawing I make.

Remember, I only have ONE slot available now!

Thank you for your time!
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Submitted on
December 16, 2013