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Luna Moth 12-11-16 by Dark-SpectrumDS

All right, here are the thumbnail sketches finally scanned and organized (rather crudely).

I think I’ll make the comic read right-to-left because it symbolizes my left-handedness. However, the thumbnails go from left-to-right. I didn’t add dialogue but that’s my intention later on.

Yes this is at least 12 pages worth of webcomic material. I may end up spreading out some things later if I feel it’s necessary in order to expand on the direction.


The first 6 summary:

Noir and this important young man have an encounter in this young man’s moonlit office. Afterwards, the young man offers Noir to stay and have more wine. Noir “humbly” declines and makes his way home to his manor where he showers and prepares to enter his lab. In the lab, he takes notes and pays special attention to the capsule in the center. He praises himself for his great catch (since Noir catches demons to research them).

The second 6 summary:

Some time passes since the intro phase. Noir is now at a local coffee shop/bar and sits at a table alone with his notes. After some stretching, sometime when he lost focus, a gentleman walks in and sits at the bar. Things get inelegant when Noir is overcome with infatuation at the sight of him (and if you know Noir, this signals perfect prey). The gentleman notices he’s being watched (as if the others in the area didn’t notice him either) and suddenly appears at Noir’s lonely table while he was still in a daze. The gentleman inquires about an invitation to sit with him and it becomes a “date” of sorts.


Please visit for more OC stories here: darkspectrum-oc-stories.tumblr…

Otherwise, please follow more art blog for more art updates and eventual NSFW/Mature content:
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Notecja Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww! At least! I love to see those pages finished! :heart:
*too much coffee today.*
I5Spiders Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016
Looks good so far. I wish I had the ability to tell story in manga/comic form.
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September 29, 2016


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