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First off, thank you for the support during the entire month of March! I'm very lucky to have earned new fans and new connections with people (as well as some virtually rekindled ones) throughout this event.:thanks::heart: Forgive me for I'm very nervous.>_< Please forgive the spam throughout the month also. I know it cheapened the value and quality of my uploads since I'm not used to creating work constantly as I'm actually a slow worker. I've probably said it many times but this is not the best I can do and anyone who has known me for several years will have noticed the decline as I was not always this inconsistent. ^^;

I'm also extremely sorry for being so distant!

Looks like I've finally completed this theme challenge thing known as Magic Meat March. I feel like I just finished a huge homework assignment.:lol: I basically took the basic premise of this event and ran with it while taking minor artistic license. I just wanted to draw skimpy, pinup-ish pretty boys (my OCs) and attempt to draw one at least once a day. In a way, this counted as "a CG a day" or something because I gravitated toward digital most times as it was actually more convenient to do quicker work (because I always worked at the last minute).

I'm sure I spent about a couple hundred hours this month drawing whether it's those mini figure drawing sessions or drawing for the theme. I guess one would think that after all these hours of drawing that improvement would escalate exponentially. Well, not in this case. Maybe because it wasn't the deliberate style practice I used to do when I was younger? But yeah, the quality varies. Some are good, some are bad, and the rest are just decent I guess.

Feel free to browse if you like:
Adem 3-1-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Selph 3-2-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Alabastor of Alabaster 3-3-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Alabastor 3-4-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Zaiyn and Shaiyn Zephyrion 3-5-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Demon Guy 3-6-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Alabastor 3-7-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Dante 3-8-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS

Mature Content

Alabastor 3-9-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS
Alabastor 3-10-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Alabastor 3-11-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Harpy Boy Ouranos 3-12-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Kaisei 3-13-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Adramelech 3-14-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Noir 3-15-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Lucky 3-16-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Lucky 3-17-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Alystair 3-18-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Zero 3-19-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Luna Moth 3-20-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Alabastor 3-21-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Triginta 3-22-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS

Mature Content

Janis 3-23-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS
Alabastor 3-24-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Akheilos 3-25-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Karcharias 3-26-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Cyrus 3-27-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Narcissus 3-28-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Shinpei 3-29-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Triginta 3-30-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS Alabastor 3-31-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS

What are my plans for the future?
Well, I always joked about it but maybe I'll actually work up the nerve again to study ball-jointed dolls and draw them for the aesthetic. As old as I am and for as long as I've been trying to draw seriously, I'm still very confused as to how people just improve so fast. Everyone's just so much better and I wanna do it, too! I don't think it's just practice mind you. I think my problem is that I am a social outcast and I never actually surround myself with people I wish to study from. (Part of that is because I've been rejected countless times and such things simply come easier to others...which is a real motivational killer...and I suspect I have a legitimate problem socially) My mind has been clouded with thoughts that distract my progress so it's like I'm not improving no matter how many hours I sit down to practice. Interest is very important.

Oh, and more importantly, in the future, I could always do paintovers of these uploads and see how that goes!:la:

What I'd like from everyone else is patience. Please help me with my studies (once more) so I can finally become a real artist. Any and all support will be greatly appreciated. Even if you just view my gallery every so often, hey, it all adds up. :)

As far as my skills go, like I mentioned before, I would like to get back to digital painting. Like I said, I'm more than positive that so many people from my past expected me to become this great digital painter. I'll do it if it can bring me happiness. Cuz you know it's quite lonely when people don't know you or your focus since I currently have too many styles again... I've always wanted to do semi-realism and I was getting there until college. I am very interested in how the experts do it. I always look at concept art and I collect art books but I never thought to copy them lately.

What should I improve on? Well, I have created a list of things in no particular order:
  • Heads and necks (for some reason I forgot how to draw heads at different angles and properly connected to necks)
  • Hands (more natural poses)
  • Value (I've ALWAYS struggled with this, esp. light direction, shapes, and intensity of light/shadow on objects)
  • Hair (I forgot how I did it but I was always fascinated with drawing hair)
  • Poses (dynamic)
  • General anatomy (because who doesn't need this)
  • Surface anatomy (definitely because I always forget and i need a solid style)
  • Portraiture (for facial structure)
  • Composition (esp. filling the frame)
  • Backgrounds (because I never do those)
  • Color palettes (esp. less saturated ones not done intentionally)
  • Concepts (because I'm boring)
  • Details (esp. character outfits as I tend to skimp on them)
  • Overall aesthetic (my style's been fluctuating lately so nobody knows what I do or who I am in my work)
  • A sense of maturity (in everything since I still feel so..."childish" at 23...?)

Thank you very much for your time and interest. I always appreciate everything (even if I always get caught up in all my problems only). I will now limit my uploads from once a day to maybe once every few days if I have something good. I don't want to keep being nervous when I draw. Maybe I'll try studies and upload those a few times as well. :D

(Maybe if I'm really lucky and if deviantART is still around, I'll be good enough to have my work in those high quality groups)

If you'd like to see another instance of a theme-related upload compilation I've "completed", please visit my Inktober 2016 journal: Inktober 2016Hello everyone (who's still here since I've been inactive for almost two months). I've actually completed Inktober 2016. All October, I drew at least one picture everyday and completed each drawing in ink after graphite. I have 31 drawings of varying quality (unfortunately). The drawings were all done in a side-bound book and I haven't tried to scan them but I have photographed them all with my phone. Maybe I will properly scan and edit my favorite ones.
Please forgive the overall quality. I never have enough light for photography, I didn't want to use the flash, and it's more difficult since I work on things at night. Because of how the book is made, it's already difficult enough to photograph each drawing the further I get. I used it because of the paper. They are Crescent Rendr brand. I chose the hard, side-bound book because it simply looks nice in person.
I gradually got more expressive if you will yet I'm still rather tense. Earlier works look worse than my later works but the ap

(I'm quite embarrassed at the quality of these uploads because they were rushed, poorly photographed and not to the best of my ability...)
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HystericalMellotron Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I think you did a very good job, that wad a very magic meat march for sure! And I have to admit it that, while Ive liked some works far more than others (alstair painting himself being my favorire) I know it aint easy to drop a fully finished work every day...Id personally recycled not just characters, but poses too.
Also I find you quite good for. your age...remember that for every sakimichan/artgerm, theres plenty of 20 yrs olds drawing like theyre 10 lol but cant wait to see you working on your improvement
Dark-SpectrumDS Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so sorry for the late reply! >_< Thank you so much! Haha, thanks for that also! I really need to draw him again! Right, it was really nerve-racking but I did them all! XD

Aw, thanks! Haha, that last comment though. That's actually pretty true. I always imagine it to be sorta like a spectrum(lol) when it comes to the types of different artists. I know I've been really inactive on deviantART but that's because for some reason it's pretty intimidating still even with everyone leaving and more careless people taking over.

I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better about my work than before and I'm gradually getting back the style I once favored so I can improve on that. I also think my time away has helped because I managed over 3000 (small) figure drawings since late January. I appreciate any and all support and I'm glad you and many others were here with me on my little artistic journey! :heart:
HystericalMellotron Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no prob! Im glad Ive found , I like how your style has a semi-realistic flavor going on XD
Also unfortunately thats true...Im seeing a lot of the more talented artists going somewhere else, like patreon and tumblr, some of the more top-notch ones goes to artstation as very sad, but the DA aint doing their jobs properly anyway...
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