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:star:I never thought it would happen in my lifetime! It took me 7 whole years to reach this goal!:star:

DeviantART 1000 watchers 1-28-17 by Dark-SpectrumDS
(and if this doesn't stay for whatever reason, at least I finally know what it feels like to have this many!)

I was in pursuit of this milestone ever since 2010 I think actually (check my profile) and I was on my way over the next couple years until, you guessed it, college stress and the overall lack of empathy as things got more difficult. I didn't care about my personal work as much since I had artwork for class and other classwork therefore my interest in learning/remembering as well as my skills diminished and I became more inactive. So I guess there's hope for me yet. I'll probably become more active then and try to get back to how it was in the good ol' days.

Perhaps a celebratory drawing shall be in order? I can guarantee it won't be extravagant because it's been ages since I've come close to completing much of anything (and I require validation). Maybe I'll get back to Dante, Noir, Adem or some other more recent OCs.

Thank you very much for the continued support and I hope to aim for another 1,000 or even 1,000 active watchers as long as DeviantART, itself, remains active. :bow:
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Frozenaccess Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Congrats!! :D You deserve every. single. one. (And if you lose any that's their loss not yours xD)
Dark-SpectrumDS Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, thank you so much! I always appreciate the support! :D
Frozenaccess Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
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Submitted on
January 28, 2017