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Etienne-Emile Beaumont 8-19-14 by Dark-SpectrumDS Etienne-Emile Beaumont 8-19-14 by Dark-SpectrumDS
This is a character that I had for almost a year. His name is Etienne-Emile Beaumont. He is a nobleman or an heir who was stricken with disease in his youth. Over time, it has debilitated him and he uses a wheelchair for transportation. I believe I will make it a heart condition that was known to have no cure. The plot twist is that there was one all along but it's difficult to find the medicine. It could be conspired. (I haven't finalized the story yet.) I will make him affiliated with Alystair Sterling the manservant and Claude Ambrose Catherine Leblanc the duke.

He is very kind and takes his disease in stride.

Nobody has seen this character outside of y!gallery, FurAffinity, Weasyl, and Tumblr I believe. I planned on drawing him better later on to upload here but I didn't, especially because I don't know how to design a fancy wheelchair for him. So I get to draw headshots instead.
valefor Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yes I remember him. I don't remember seeing Claude though. Etienne seems really cheery for someone who has a serious disease. Btw I like the names you give your characters.
Dark-SpectrumDS Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep, I haven't been drawing these guys too much outside of little concept sketches. Here is my most recent design of Claude:…

Yep, that's what makes Etienne special in this case. I'll say that he has medications to ease any symptoms and to slow down the disease's progression.

Oh, and thanks a lot! Yeah, sometimes I go through a lot of research and other times things just fall into place. I try really hard to expand my horizons and find more complex, meaningful or even prettier names since naming was not necessarily one of my strong points. They used to sound stupid or quite childish.XD In this case, I found names that had a ring to them but at the same time I tried to carefully look up meanings.

Thanks again! :D
valefor Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
O.O Claude looks so delicate and pretty, not to mention really hot too (well all your characters are hot anyway:D). Oh and you are welcome^^
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