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For Christmas Eve
Three years have passed
And memories starts to fade
But one memory is still strapped to my mind
The one night of Christmas Eve
I remembered you holding my hand
Squeezing and bouncing around the room
You made me warm and smile
Laugh and cheer
We were standing in front of the tree
Your hand locked with mine
You were shaking with delight
Santa is coming
You whispered to me
A smile crept across my face
A door was opened
The sound of feet approaching
You squeezed my hand tighter and tighter
As a shadow formed by the door
And the form were dressed in red and white
With a long and white beard
And glasses on
You cried out
And leaped toward him casting your arms around him
In a big and tight embrace
Just as tight as that squeeze you gave my hand
Santa was laughing
And you were smiling
And shouting
I could only smile from were I stood
Because I knew who was under the "hood"
Our smiling father who had raised us
And praised us
Santa gave you presents and presents
You decid
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 0 0
Song of the Hero
Across the fields
His sword and shield in hand
His eyes showing no fear
Leaping in action
Slashing and clashing
His enemies falls to the ground
One goal One reason
To save what he holds dear
His home, his land
His friends and his beloved one
The Hero of time is known for his courage
But also for saving the princess
Thats how the song  was named the Song of the Hero
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 8 8
Chibi Link by dark-soul90 Chibi Link :icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 2 8
My guardian angel
As you lock the door and cast away the key
I had found my corner of darkness
All the times I have been locked up inside a cage
I already know how it feels to be traped like a bird
The feeling of being something that doesn’t deserve to live
But I do know why I am locked up in the first place
The very reason that keeps me here
The darkness inside me
The very reason that holds me back
When you are looking at me I understand what you think
You are disgusted
You hate the thought of me being alive
That’s why you keep me here
So that I won’t hurt anyone
But  you can’t hold me here forever
One day I will get out of here
But not because of my dark power
No, it will be another power
Someone much powerful than me
Someone who won’t look at me with disgust
Someone who won’t run away
A person
No, A guardian angel will save me
My Guardian Angel
The only one who can show me the true reason of my powers
The only one who can control my anger
My hatred
That person
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 0 5
No more runaway
I used to hide in the shadows
Looking at the rest scratching their heads in confusion
Facing their problems.
I used to turn my back when the trouble stood at my doorstep
Waiting patiently for my move
Waiting for me doing something wrong.
I liked to wave my problems as they passed by
I loved see the misery in my classmates faces when they got their grades
Their jaws dropped to the floor.
While I used to run away from all tests and problems
I got time to think
But there was always someone who was there
Watching me
Taking notes of how I acted.
They told me I was a coward
They said I was a runaway
That I wasn’t brave enough to face my problems
But I ignored them.
But I knew sooner or later I had to face it
That I could no longer be a runaway
Run away from my problems
Run away from my future
If I even had one.
I have taken my choice
I have to face it know
I can no longer hide myself in the shadows
I must face the light of my future
I can no longer be the coward they said I was
I cannot
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 4 3
The light in my darkness
In me there is only darkness
In every corner of my body lies darkness
Growing everytime I am angry or sad
My tears is full of hate
My words are poison
My eyes are filled with anger
But how I wished it would end
People fears me
They are afraid I will break them
Take their life away
But I am misunderstood
All I want is beeing healed from this blasted curse
They are running away from me
Fleeing from the darkness
Keeping their lifes
But they can’t escape
The curse has already taken them
Making them fall to the ground like flies
What must I do?
In my corner of darkness I am thinking
When She is approaching
Her, the one with light
The one who isn’t afraid
She is like me except for some differences
Her tears are full of passion
Her words are caring
Her eyes are filled with love
She is blessed with the healing light
She is looking at me with her loving eyes
I admire her courage but why is she here?
She must not touch me or the darkness will take her sweet life
She don’t care?
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 1 8
A stolen kiss
The rain fell down from the sky like it usually did in the city of the mountains.
People walking slowly through the streets, holding the umbrella high so no rain could make them wet or their paperwork they were helding tight to their chest.
But there was one who didn’t have an umbrella or walked slowly through the streets of the big city. No, she ran through the city, wet and cold. She stopped and looked up at the red flags around the streets, the red banners hanging from buildning to buildning, it made her smile. Her favourite football team had finally won the gold in the league after 44 years since last time they won. She opened her bag and dragged out her new scarf, it was red and white and there was written “Brann” with golden letters. With a warm smile she pulled it out of the bag and put it around her neck and began to run toward the bus station.
The doors swung open and she looked after the flower shop and there she was standing. She ran over to her mother and the
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 1 11
Your sweet smile
Take my hand
Let me help you
Don’t let go
I will be here with you
Not only now
But forever
My simple words isn’t enough to save a life
My words
These words is just simple words
Only words that can’t save anyone
Even that I hoped they would
I hoped they would save you
You, my sweet sister
I hoped you would let me in
But you let me out
You said you were fine
But I knew you lied to me
Why did you lie?
I was there
I could help you
I gave you my word
But you and your sweet smile fooled me
I am going to miss your sweet laughter
Our father is trying to hold his tears but is always failing
Your friends has lost their best friend
And I hold my words
The simple words I gave you
That day in the rain
When you held my hand and smiled…
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 2 12
Courage in wisdom
While watching Link and Ganondorf fighting, Zelda felt useless, unable to help Link, her one true love.
Ganondorf lifted his sword and swung hard and the master sword flew out of Link’s hands.
- Your only powerful weapon is out of your hands! Its time for you to die! Ganondorf yelled and lifted his sword high above his head again.
Link jumped away from Ganons blow and landed behind one of the crushed walls. He noticed Ganondorf had hit him in the arm and made a cut, blood flowing out, he tore off some cloth from his tunic and wrapped it around his arm.
A dark source hit the wall and sent Link flying forward hitting the ground with his face first and he felt the blood taste in his mouth.
Zelda felt tears streaming around her eyes, this was it. This was the last stand. The flames weakened, she had a chance, Zelda ran toward the master sword, picked it up and ran over to Link, pointing the sword at Ganondorf. He laughed.
- What is this? The princess is looking for a fight? I would gl
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 13 17
When I cry
People take me for beeing so strong.
They say I can handle everything.
They say I have no weakness.
But even I have a weakness.
They don't know me.
Thats the problem.
They take one look at me and begin to talk about how I looks, how I tackle my day.
But what do they know?
They don't know what happens when I cry.
When I cry, stars falls from the sky.
When I cry, people falls into darkness.
When I cry, the world is going down.
Thats my weakness.
When I cry I am always alone.
People must not know this terrible faith.
I can't let them share this pain.
Cause when I cry, the world is tearing apart. <i>
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 3 13
Falling down
When I was hoping for a better day, it went the wrong way
If I only listen to what you said, maybe it would go the right way
How could I be so stupid to fail again?
Why do I fail at all?
Is there a sign out there for me to call?
I am losing strength when I am talking, I can’t help but fall behind.
Is there a reason why I fall so deep?
Am I turning weak?
I am losing my ground
How can it be?
I have always been so strong.
Where is my soul?
I am falling down.
Why do you keep saying I can do this?
I have lost hope of winning, I can never become what I want to be.
Stop saying those words, it won’t work on me.
I will lose no matter what you say…
I am losing strength for every step I take.
I know now this is a failing desire.
I can’t win cause I am falling down.
Falling down into nothingness….
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 2 13
Pain of love
What is this feeling I am feeling?
Its very delicate but it hurts alittle.
Its like my heart is burning or turning to ice.
My breathing is turning heavy.
My throat is dry, I can`t say any words.
Am I turning into something?
What can I do against this?
First I thought it was anger but I realized it doesn`t hurt like this.
My eyes is filled with tears and I don`t know why.
My head is going to burst.
What is this strange feeling?
No medicine can heal this.
No doctor can find out what this is.
Its not a disease, its not deadly, but it feels that way.
Why does this hurt so much?
Its not a wound and I am not bleeding, so why does this cause pain?
Tell me why I feel this way.
What is this and why does it hurt but still feel good?
Is there any good with this?
How can this be good at all?
Know I understand this, but it still hurts.
This is the pain of love.
This is the pain of love i feel for you.
The reason it hurts is we are apart.
The reason its good is we are in love.
I wish this love never
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 2 4
Match of death
Hold your sword in hand
It can end now
But he is not dead yet
His eyes burns with revenge
He wants to hurt you
Break you
Kill you
His armor is full of blood from people before you
Before the match we was together
You hold my hand and smiled
"Everything is going to be fine" you said
I knew you would say it but I knew it was impossible to protect you from this strong opponent.
I faked a smile to make you feel better
"I know you will win" I said
You gave me a hug before you left
I wish I could stop you
I wish this could end
Don`t make me cry
I can`t let you die
He is stronger than you
He made you fell
His sword right through you
You screaming in pain
I can`t look
Your pain is just too much
When he walkes away
I run up to you
Kneeling beside you
I can`t believe this
Why did I not stop you?
I knew you couldn`t win
I guess you hug stopped me
"Why so sad?" you asked
I tryed to smile but I burst into tears
Your heart became weaker
Your breath colder
I couldn`t let you leave me now
"I love you.
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 1 16
Valentine night
My day has been terrible
Its valentines day
No roses
No cards
Not even a chocolate or a hug
Except from my friends since they are so kind
I lies in my bed with open window
Hoping the cold wind is freezing me to death
But I slowly fell asleep
The stars is shining and its fullmoon
My skin is very cold but I am still asleep
I feel someone touching me
Who can it be?
I slowly open my eyes
Trying to find out who it is
but a voice says
"Dont look... You cant see me..."
I feel hands cover my mouth
making me stop talking
"I want you to have a great valentine"
I feel it turnes my head
I close my eyes
"But who are you?"
"I am your valentine"
He says and press his lips to mine
How can that be?
I couldnt see him but yet
I could feel him
When the sun came I opened my eyes
looking around
Beside me was a note
I opened it and began to read
"Happy Valentines day<3
I will always be with you<3"
It warm my heart
reading those words
It changed my valentine
:icondark-soul90:dark-soul90 0 12
My wound
My heart has this wound i got in a war
A war between demons and angels
I tryed to get out, but they dragged me in
I tryed to stop but they forced me to fight
Swords and shields broke
Wind and thunder raged
It was a war with no end
Flames covered the fields
Light drowned in the darkness
Why was i in the middle of this?
I don`t know
My heart has this wound
I cannot heal
This wound was created by these demons and angels
This war has raged long enough
I tryed to fight
I tryed to stop
This is madness
Why me?
A demon and a angel
Bows in their hand
Tryed to shoot each other
But their arrows hit another target
Demons stoped their fire
Angels looking shocked
Was this finally over?
No thunder
No wind
My body had fallen
The arrows created this wound in my heart
The wound is a seal
A seal the demon and angel created
To stop this war
I have the power to stop
This endless war
But do you trust me enough to let me go and stop this?
Do you let me go with this wound and save the world?
Or do you treat m
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