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3Donutsprinkle_CR-100-70_+.24.04.2021 by AliceGothic
Tiefling Paladin by JoelChaimHoltzman
Hauntedmanufactory_11.10.2019_(39)_6 by AliceGothic
Portrait (April 2021) by M-B-Mordala
Dark and Fantasy
Woman Whispers by Spiritofdarkness
Wolf'sHowl by alexowo
The Gates Of Eden by BlackFaeBird
A thousand pathway's by suki42deathlake
Macabre and Horror
Commission - Yuko by ClaraKerber
Go To Sleep by Murdy2-Sam
The Infirmary Nurse... by VincentOfDreamhouse
Zoe West as Little Girl Lost by VincentOfDreamhouse
Poetry and stories
The Fantasies that keep Us Whole (Poem)The Fantasies that keep Us WholeRemastered Version By J.C. SolisSome odd fetish or desireWe wish to sink our bodies inTo forget our atrocious pastAnd therefore find peace withinBut one thing to rememberIs that the cord does run thinFor no Fantasy lasts foreverAnd no true solace comes from sinBecause Fantasy is a lieBut so precious to our joyAs the heart fills with happinessWe wish to continue to enjoyBut one thing to rememberLife does follow no set ployAs it's nature does unravelThat it should not be plainly toyedYet though the matter is justIt's consequence we can't copeBecause the Dark is always lurkingAnd is hard for us to elopeYet within our wavering heartsWe must still maintain our hopesThat one day suffering will endAnd won't fall down a downward slopeThe false realities we delve inOffer no true solace for us to sateThese drawings, games and songsOur creations we view as greatFor art can soothe the soulAnd placate growing hateBut one thing it will not doIs keep us from our fateFor though we try to hide awayWe cannot escape this painThat course through our frail bodiesAnd so drive our minds insaneThe fantasy ahead of usOffers shelter from heavy rainBut then we become addictedAnd from this lie we can't refrainWe delve right in head first to seeTo let our minds start to break freeWe look at worlds, at lives, at loveWe look at what we wish to beWe delve in erotic love and sexWe consume all of this with gleeWe delve right in and don't look twiceWe think we are in ReverieBut once we are ripped awayWe see how the world really isWe see the sun and polluted airWe no longer are in ignorant blissOur lives so full of pain and strifeWe wish to feel fantasy's kissBut this is our real and only lifeFantasy won't get as real as thisWe read our books in page by pageWe listen to all these rhythmic songsWe watch TV to laugh and cryWe watch movies that are quite longWe play our games on TV screensWe feel that nothing can go wrongBut we are escaping to fantasyTo find somewhere we can belongBut this is just a LieWhat is not really thereFor this is our Real livesWhat we now come to bearWe grow so very solemnAt this real and choking airThat we wished to find happinessThe only thing that we now careThe fantasy we delve inDoes nothing except tryTo help us keep from thinkingOf the day in which we dieAs the Fantasy fades awaySo then we begin to cryBecause we lived Life in a dreamA Reality that was a Lie...
The Pain of a Schizophrenic (Poem)The Pain of a Schizophrenic By J.C. SolisThere are simply Times so full of painAnd our lives all seem to have no worthThis anguish that we can't refrainThat curse our lives down upon this EarthThis suffering burns our minds with wrathFrom a mind that will never sateAs we then go down a rotten pathFrom the anxiousness that this all createsAs this suffering mounts to cause uneaseAs this bane forms while we existThis grievance caused by foul diseaseIs far too long for One to listAnd so this illness wracks the mindAnd control, it seems, we won't attainSchizophrenia is Evil and UnkindAs we continue to live in pain...I just can't seem to understandWhy this illness has yet run its courseWhy many, like me, are bound and tiedBy the Will of some invisible forceI just can't seem to know true peaceNo matter how hard it is that I tryAs the Light of Day offers no recourseAnd through the Dark of Night I cryBut when it is I don't feel sadI feel a hollowness deep insideI have lost what it is I amAnd this hollowness I must abideI've lost what I have wanted to beThough I've gained nothing else but painI've lost the will within my lightAnd I lost the Mind that once was saneThere are just so many in this worldWho have lost their own way in LifeWho lost what joy was in their heartsAnd have gained nothing but strifeAnd sometimes they gain more than painA foul mania that can't be controlledAs the monsters of one's dellusionsTry to steal away one's own soulThe Light no longer gives HopeAs this pain continues to grow in sizeShould a Schizophrenic start to shed tearsOne can see the pain right in their eyesAnd The Darkness is not a place to hideFor there are monsters that lurk withinThough, in truth, there's nowhere else to goAnd so we bear these creatures' dinThis is the agony we bearThis is the Life with no compareThere is no solace from this painAnd there is no grace from anywhereBut of all the things I can't bear to seeOf all the things I've gained and lostThe path to my recoveryCame at an incredibly high costFor though therapy can aidFor though medicine can recoupThere is just this numbess deep insideThat seems to run around a loopFor though we still bear our strengthThe road ahead is full of spikesThe Path ahead doesn't radiateWith a guarantee that'd we likeBut though the chance ahead is slimWe still walk forwards in swift beatWe bear our crosses on our backsWe cross the valley with our own feetFor though we are within grave painIt does not stop our march aheadWe walk towards light, with all our mightWe count up all our Hope insteadFor though we have gained ManiaFor though we lost what made our soulsWe search to find our peace of mindWe search to make our spirits wholeFor though we are SchizophrenicAnd though we are within these straightsWe won't stop until we are at last healedWe won't bow down to growing hateAnd when we find this Peace of MindAs we now leave our pasts behindWe'll sigh that now our work is doneAnd in this Hope we shall unwindAnd I Hope that seeing through my LifeYou too will also understandThat there's a chance to beat this strifeWith Hope to guide you by your hands...
I A. A M.z.g. T._gifending2020 by AliceGothic
ADD _ending2020 by AliceGothic

Mature Content

Sexytreegif_2020 by AliceGothic

Mature Content

Nimrahelthanksforthewatchgif2020 by AliceGothic
Traditional dark Art
Nightmare Walker by Pyramiddhead
Rick Grimes drawing - The Walking Dead by lyyy971
Different ending by KaoriEmii

Mature Content

Head Like a Hydra by Rotten-Alice
Harajuku_R.C.-100-70_+.14.04.2021 by AliceGothic
3D_Lovercomehere_R.C.200-60_+.16.04.2021 by AliceGothic
Requests- batch 2 by mylittledeadbunny
Cover2016 by AliceGothic
Abstract and surreal
Disposable Bliss 04 by VolatilePlums
DisposableBliss05 by VolatilePlums
Disposable Bliss 06 by VolatilePlums
The Beauty in Chaotic Thought by EightE-three
Whitesekhmet 05/21 by Whitesekhmet
Demonica: Demon Lady Veesha by SassyDragon18
Rocksin - Dridder form by SassyDragon18
Vivet et Mortem by Whitesekhmet
Comic Manga Anime
The Prince of the Moonlight Stone / page 100 by KillerSandy
3D_Lover_GIF_E.R.-140-10_+.17.04.2021 by AliceGothic
J1K-W9 by asabelmori
#1dressupdoll_ending2020 by AliceGothic
General People

Mature Content

11.19.2020 21 Me, Level 2+ Sneak Peek Teaser! by PretendToBeHappy
General Pictures
Mushroom by artosza
Dark and Fantasy II
Fiend's Festival by JPHBFolk
Macabre and Horror II
Dark fusion by Schadowface
Traditional dark art II
Featured II
Steel for you by GraniaA
Macabre and Horror III
Cover art by AVirusErothanatoguru
Traditional Dark Art III
Count Dracula by Rigor666Mortis



The Red Woman by JT-ArtsAndMedia
dark stars by Telemaniakk
natural by Telemaniakk
Eye of darkness by Ahmed-Fares94
Destroy the church :icon by TH3LI
Behezdic by TH3LI
Capture of Souls by TH3LI
Cradle Of Filth Alt. Cover by TH3LI
Poser Artists
Pussy Riot: the famous three feminists by Flaherty56
PUSSY RIOT by DreamCandice
Yamoto by Schadowface
woman head by Schadowface
Traditional dark Art
Don't Let Me Fade Away by LopezGdlp

Mature Content

heart's thief by Mr-Lupin

Mature Content

La Belle et la Mort by Mr-Lupin
consequences, from the queen of witches, in flames by lisa-im-laerm
Dark Poetry

Mature Content

'Quiet' by UrartadKonst
'Satan in Goray' 1998 by UrartadKonst

Mature Content

'Red Night' V2 by UrartadKonst

Mature Content

'GAARGH' 2006 by UrartadKonst

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<~~~~~~~~~~ GROUP RULES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

:blackrose:~~~~~ TYPE OF ART ~~~~~:rose:

Dark Art, whether digital, traditional or photography, is allowed as well as dark poetry and stories or Lyrics. Dark art is anything that is gloomy, dark in both context and in the type of picture. A horror picture will be just as welcome as a picture of a cemetery. From now on all art that does not fall under this category will be deleted and repeat offenders will be notified. Also anything Nazi related or Gang or police violence will be deleted and repeat offenders will also be notified and if it continues they will be deleted.
If you have any Questions about if the art will be allowed please feel free to contact one of the founders.

For more information about joining/submitting art to this group, please read the instructions below "How to join" and "How to submit". If you're not sure whether your artwork really fit the basic theme of this group, please visit our gallery -> dark-side-of-life.deviantart.c…

<~~~ :bulletred: ~~~ MEMBER & SUBMISSION INFOS ~~~ :bulletred: ~~~>

:blackrose:~~~~~HOW TO JOIN~~~~~:rose:

:pointr: Click on the icon "Join this group" & wait for approval.

:pointr: Add our icon to your journal.

:pointr: Please note that the request to join the group directly as a contributor, is rejected in principle for now. One of the co-founder or I will appoint you to do so.

:blackrose:~~~~~HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR ART~~~~~:rose:

:pointr: All members are able to submit their deviation through the "Contribute Art" button to the relevant folder.

:pointr: We will accept 3 submissions per member, per day. This also applies for the Favs.

:pointr: If you are a member of this group, just click the "Contribute Art" icon in the members menu at the top of the page. A Box will pop up and let you choose pieces from your gallery (they must be your pieces or we will deny them), simply choose the deviation you wish to submit and select ok. Makes sure that you upload your artworks in the correct folder. We will receive a request to submit from you and we will decide promptly.


:pointr: Please note the Nettiquette: Those who do not keep to it, will be punished by deletion from the group! ANY KIND OF NAZI WORK ARE NOT ALLOWED AND WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY!

:mib: :mib: :mib:
I think, that´s all for the moment. I hope you like this group and I'm really looking forward to many dark submissions.

Best wishes and bye for now
:devilish: Schadowface :devilish:










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