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Lip Shapes

Collection of mouth shapes for reference and character creation.

And I know it's tempting, but please don't turn these into brushes unless it's for experimental or personal use only. Don't make these into brushes and distribute them on the web. These shapes are here as a guide, not to directly copy and paste onto something else. I encourage you to draw freehand in your own style, let us see your own hard work. :heart:
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Thanks this lips really helpful
Vizionary89's avatar
Finally I have found a lip reference that covers the raw shapes thank you for posting this :)
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
...It would be nice to have a name for these shapes.:|
Great! La la la la 
I've been looking for different shapes of lips and this is really helpful!
Effervescent-Dream's avatar
Ah, brilliant! Lips have always been one of the more difficult things for me to draw. (but not as hard as hands, UGH) This should serve as a great referance! :)
TheWhiteJewel's avatar
Ahhhh, finally. I've been looking for lip variations as simple as this. :)
Clar-is-Inet's avatar
This is really interesting! I never that there were SO many different types of lip shapes :O
GimpedForLife's avatar
SuperSymmetricCake's avatar
Gotta try this out, surely it will boot up the inspiration :D Thanks for sharing!
Lizalot's avatar
You beautiful person you :heart:
Knight-of-Ishtar's avatar
Thanks for this! Some times it will take me forever to get the lip shape I want so quick examples to look at are wonderful.
VinillaBean's avatar
Merry Christmas!
einax17's avatar
This'll serve as a good reference... thanks :)
Quantum-Kiff's avatar
Thank much for uploading these...Do you do resquest? Or take commissions? You are an amazing artist!
dark-sheikah's avatar
I'm not doing any requests or commissions at the moment, but if I decide otherwise I'll have it posted in my journal. Although suggestions and constructive criticism is always appreciated. :D Thank you so much! :heart:
Quantum-Kiff's avatar
Your so welcome :D :heart:
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