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Still alive

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Hey everyone!
Yes - I know. It's been quite a while.
I kinda vanished from Deviantart for many reasons and though only a handfull of people
will really care about the "why"s, I still think I owe an explanation to the few friends I have on this platform.
My last big submission was April 2017 - after that I only uploaded two other drawings which were both birthday gifts to my friend Ekeeya.
In 2017 things started to get a little rough - my free time decreased drastically due to an increase of work load which meant less time to interact with people.
In December 2017 I still had hopes for things to get back into balance but in the first week of 2018 my dog Jessy fell terminally ill. She needed a lot of treatment and care
and once again my priorities changed. My work load did not decrease until June and I tried to spend most of my time with my dog.
In June I lost my part time job at my lawyers and my income shortened drastically plus my mother fell sick too. Doctors weren't sure if it was cancer again or not
(fortunately it was not) and my dog was getting worse, too.
Things simply collapsed over me and I just didn't know how to handle everything anymore.
I isolated myself, didn't talk to my friends anymore and buried myself in work as a coping mechanism.
In August my dog Jessy died from acute renal failure (she was suffering from other diseases, too though). More isolation, more work, no motivation for interactions.
Everything threw me off course - so much that I didn't even want to celebrate my birthday in October and cancelled every arrangement with my friends who tried really hard to motivate me.
It took me until this January to get back on my feet and sort things out.
I applied for a new job lately and got back into drawing. I have one day off a week (usually), which means that my income decreases even further but oh well - I can't work 7 days a week anymore.
So far 2019 hasn't been as bad as 2018 - but I will probably not be more active here again.
I have moved on to other platforms like Instagram and Twitter + occasionally Tumblr.
So feel free to throw your links at me if you're having an account there, too!
I'll still stop by every now and then to get in touch with you guys - see you soon!
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Hello everyone,

first of all I want to thank you guys for commissioning me! I feel honored to have been flooded with requests which I did not expect. Unfortunately due to a massive "emergency commission" income, some commissions had to be postponed and I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

I quit my job at this months which means that the last emergency commissions will be done until the end of June. After that I'll be able to work on all the regular commissions again.
(Seriously, I got 5 big emergency requests at the same time - there was no way I could take a break from anything or squeeze regular commissions in)

Thank you very much for understanding my situation,


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:new:Pricelist updated with new examples:new:

Colored Commissions:

Halloween Horrors by ShadowmakerSerenity   United we can never fall - close up by ShadowmakerSerenity Heart to Heart by ShadowmakerSerenity
80 Euro
(1 Character, half body, simple background)
(detailed greyscale or cell shaded color, bust, 1-2 Characters)

Winterlove by ShadowmakerSerenity
Day of Blessing by ShadowmakerSerenity Toxic Love Remake by ShadowmakerSerenity
150 Euro
(2 Characters, half body, simple background)

Commission Finished by ShadowmakerSerenity Ethernitas Mission 1: Capture Captain Bloodsabre by ShadowmakerSerenity
starting from 250 Euro
(2 or more Characters, full body, detailed background)
(also available as grey scale)
Astral Breach: Lucien by ShadowmakerSerenity  Aeri'al by ShadowmakerSerenity Ran'dall by ShadowmakerSerenity
 starting from 70 Euro
(1 character, full body, simple or no background)
(for applications or single character display)
Chibi Serenity Moonshadow colors by ShadowmakerSerenity
 Chibi: 20 Euro
(1 Character, no background)

Black/White Commissions:

Fly fly little bat by ShadowmakerSerenity
 starting from 30 Euro
(1-2 Characters, "cellshading", traditional or digital, detailed background (traditional size A4))
Chibi Serenity Moonshadow by ShadowmakerSerenity
10 Euro
(1 chibi character, no background)
Valentine's Kiss by ShadowmakerSerenity
starting from 50 Euro
(1-2 characters, detailed background)

Sketch Commissions:

Lucien Haircut by ShadowmakerSerenity
Headshot: 10 Euro
(traditional or digital)

Ellis by ShadowmakerSerenity Lira and Ellis Sketch by ShadowmakerSerenity
Half body: starting from 25 Euro
(traditional or digital)
Abi Sky Knight Armor - 1 by ShadowmakerSerenity
Full Body, clean: starting from 40 Euro

Immortals by ShadowmakerSerenity  Steampunk-Love - A CRow-drawing by ShadowmakerSerenity
Black and White: 45 Euro

(2 Characters, simple background)

In the Hideout by ShadowmakerSerenity
Simple Greyscale: starting from 55 Euro
Original character concept: starting from 50 Euro
(1 character designed after your wishes)

- All commissions with the notation "starting from XX Euro" are basic prices and can be increased depending on the amount of details
- If not stated otherwise, all works are digitally painted
- All drawings displayed in this journal are only examples
- All prices will be converted to your currency the day you commission me; Basis will be that days currency translation rate
- All prices exclude paypal fees; Commissioners have to make sure to pay them
- Extra wishes like a specific background etc. are basis for negotiation
- Prices can increase or decrease with the changing amount of characters and details
- Colored Commissions can also be provided as gray scale; gray scale paintings are the same price as the colored version


How to commission me:
Every commission has to be send via note here on Deviantart stating what you want from the above listed examples.
(e.g. "colored commission, 1 character, half body, simple background")
I also need references for the character you want me to draw. A stash-link would be ideal.
Approximate processing time:
- It usually takes between 1-2 months from start to finish
- First come first serve
- Emergency commissions with a certain deadline can be squeezed in if I consider it possible. However - emergency commissions must be submitted at least one month before the deadline; if submitted later, I reserve the right to charge an extra fee for express drawings.

Payment in advance:
In order to prevent people from commissioning me without them actually wanting or being able to pay me, I charge half the price of the commission in advance. Once I receive the payment, I'll start working.
The second half will be due once you receive a note from me with a small sized version of your commission - the high resolution drawing will be send to you once payment is complete.
Payment via PayPal only

- Extreme amount of technical devices, mechas and robots
(I'm simply not good with them)
- Extremely difficult perspective
- Gore and extreme sexual fetishes like BDSM, rape, extreme violence etc.
- Monsters/Original creature designs
(how to monster...)
- Canon Characters only, aka fanart
(exception see below)
Grey Zone
- I am willing to draw erotic and mild sexual content as well as violence to a certain degree.
As mentioned above, I won't draw gore, but fighting scenes with a lot of blood, injured or even dead persons are okay as long as it isn't too explicit.
- I am willing to draw a canon character in combination with an OC/Fan character
- I reserve the right to livestream the current work in progress unless otherwise expressly agreed
- I reserve the right to upload the finished work to my private art sites unless otherwise expressly agreed
- I reserve the right to decline a commission without stating a reason
- DON'T RUSH THE ARTIST! It's okay to ask once in a while how far I am with the commission, but please refrain from asking every 2-3 days

- coldphoenix1 Checkmark

- BookWeaver
- Faniel (

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As the title already says - I was at the dentists today to get my wisdome teeth removed...

I should have known of the horrors that would await me when I sat down and the assistant gave me a strong painkiller before I even got the local anaesthesia.
They gave me the regular dosis for each tooth, so four injections in total + 2 more because I was still able to feel something after 20 minutes in my upper jaw.
So - after the local anaesthesia finally worked on me, my dentist said, he'd start with the right side, removing the upper tooth first before continuing with the bottom one.
The upper one was quite okay to remove - it cracked a little here and there, the pressure he had to put on my skull was a bit awkward but all in all it was okay.

And then he turned towards the bottom one...
After 10 minutes of tearing and pulling and making my entire jaw crack countless times, he had to "saw" the tooth into several pieces so he could remove it piece by piece because the roots of the tooth were too intractable and just wouldn't come out otherwise.
I was so glad the anaesthesia worked so well...but the pressure on my skull was still very painful and I began instinctively to edge away whenever he said he'd have to put pressure on me again which didn't make it easier for him, I think :'D

The left side was as terrible as the right one...
Also I wasn't able to open my jaw wide enough so he had to put something between my teeth which caused my jaw to crack even more and at some point I had a feeling as if it was dislocated. (Rest assured, I just couldn't close my mouth because it was stiffened)

After everything was over, he put two dabber into my mouth and told me to keep it closed and keep them in for at least an hour before removing them to avoid too much bleeding.
Unfortunately I was about to vomit only a few minutes later because I was unable to swallow anything (my tongue is still heavy like a lead weight) and I had a terrible taste in my mouth from the bloody dabbers and everything, so we had to remove them.
Which lead to the next problem - withouth the dabbers, the bleeding didn't really stop until 2 hours later and I was so desperate about it that I put some tissues in my mouth and more or less chewed on them.

Right now it's 4 hours after the surgery and I am able to swallow little pits of water at the moment without spilling everything and I just took my first pain killer since the effects of the local anaesthetics are wearing off slowly and my jaw starts to hurt like hell from all the tearing.

At least I don't have to work for the next 4 days and can focus on recovering slowly.

I'm so glad I told him to remove all 4 at once and not only the bottom ones for now - I'm not sure if I would have made another appointment for the two remaining ones :'D

So, this was my story of how I got my wisdome teeth removed xD

And to make some fun of everything and make it sound less horrible:
have a video clip from one of my favorite movies:


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Hey guys!

Just a veeeeeeeeeery quick journal update.
Recently I've been playing around in Magix Music Maker Soundtrack Edition and created a few tracks which I uploaded to my youtube-channel.

If you want to check them out, feel free to click here.
And should you like what you hear, also feel free to leave a comment - criticism is appreciated as well.


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