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Sitticus floricola

Sitticus floricola jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae)

D700, reversed Takumar 28/2.8, extension tubes, SB-900
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Cute spider, it looks like a minion!

Kampfmonkey's avatar
aaaww so cute :D I would love to have one as big as a cow.
Rahula87's avatar
Those wonderful eyes are hypnotising me *_*
FoU3's avatar
nice shoot!
JestePhotography's avatar
Just imagine if these were the size of Great Danes!!
NeferNeferu-Aten's avatar
It looks so unbelievably huggable!! :love: ...I don't see why so many people are afraid of spiders.... :O Perhaps showing your brilliant spiderportraits will help some of my friends overcome their arachnophobia a bit... :giggle:
People just have no idea how cute spiders can be! :excited:
Dark-Raptor's avatar
Yes. Jumping spiders are the best cure for arachnophobia :)
NeferNeferu-Aten's avatar
I'd say! They are way too cute for a spider's bad reputation... :giggle:
LordStarscream89's avatar
Wow amazing :D
Jumping Spiders have such cute faces :D
They are the only spiders i am not afraid of ^^;
Wonderful shot, i know how hard it can be to take photos of these little ones :)
Dark-Raptor's avatar
Thanks :)

Yes, jumping spiders are the best animasly to heal people from arachnophobia ;)
LordStarscream89's avatar
Works on me haha :D

And you are most welcome :D
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StrawberryOverlord's avatar
how did you get so close?
weird-osaka's avatar
Jumping spiders are the best with those big eyes.
justlikeanyoneelse's avatar
looks quite cute^^
these big eyes *.*

great shot
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