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Copied from :lookatallthekitties: - Hope you don't mind! :)

[X] You know how to make a pot of coffee.
[X] You keep track of dates using a calendar.
[ ] You own a credit card.
[X] You know how to change the oil in a car.
[X] You've done your own laundry.
[X] You can vote in an election.
[X] You can cook for yourself.
[ ] You think politics are interesting.  (Yeah, right - they give me a headache...>_<)

[ ] You show up for school late a lot.
[X] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket.
[ ] You've never gotten a detention.
[ ] You have forgotten your own birthday.
[X] You like to take walks by yourself.
[X] You know what credibility means, without looking it up.
[X] You drink caffeine at least once a week.

[X] You know how to do the dishes.
[X] You can count to 10 in another language.
[X] When you say you're going to do something you usually do it.
[X] You can mow the lawn.
[X] You study even when you don't have to.  (Depends on what it is.)
[X] You have hand washed a car before.

[X] You can spell experience, without looking it up.
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name.
[X] Your favorite kind of food is take out.
[ ] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need.
[X] You understand political jokes the first time they are said.

[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment.
[ ] You have been to a Tupperware party.
[X] You have realized that practically no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.  (I have half that, does it count?)
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay.
[X] You have been to the beach.
[X] You use the internet.
[X] You have been out of the US 3 or more times.
[X] You make your bed in the morning.

Not far off...but I'm 26...:)  Also, I wonder who of my friends will take this and see what _they_ get?  No chain letters, just all in fun.
  • Listening to: Sirus
  • Reading: blogs
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Ok, I take it no one on my friends' list uses IMVU, so that's why no one used the code....If you use it, or start to, and want the code, just ask - I'll be glad to give it to you.  I wish it took more off, but it only takes $10US off at the moment.

  • Listening to: Sirus
  • Reading: blogs
  • Watching: nothin'
  • Playing: nothin'
  • Eating: nothin'
  • Drinking: nothin'
I hate being sick...ugh.  Either way, I decided I better post this before I forget fully.  Lately, I've gotten into IMVU and I've found out how to get coupons, for those that are interested.  I hope if you are, you'll use this coupon, since it'll give me a few credits for every coupon someone uses. :)


For those that use this code to get premium products on IMVU, or credits, it'll give you 10 bucks off of every $50 you spend.  Hope it helps everyone out.  The link for IMVU is here: and the code helps.  Also, it only lasts a month from this day, so please don't waste any time.

  • Listening to: Sirus
  • Reading: blogs
  • Watching: nothin'
  • Playing: nothin'
  • Eating: nothin'
  • Drinking: nothin'
Ok, that took less time than I thought...Got all the posts done in one day.  Wow.  Now comes the hard part, the pictures.  *sighs*  This :www.darkpantherian.gotpetlover…: has a lot of 'em, so that's what is going to take a while.  For those that read the posts I made on here...keep in mind, please, I copied them as close to original as I could, and some do have words in 'em.

I have been looking, for several years, for a site to post both my artwork and stories, and I believe I have finally found one, but I've had the link for 2+ years, and another, I've had since '06, and this account since who-knows-when.

From now on, I won't be posting my blogs on here, but on this page - www.dark-pantherian.deviantart… - obviously, it's DeviantArt's page, and I'm keeping the original of my artwork and stories, just in case.  I'm going to be moving all my documents from and on this name, to the DA page.

Also, keep in mind, from now on, I ain't editing what I say.  Ya don't like it, tough shit.  I'm tired of people taking one small item I mention, and not even hearing the whole story, and taking it out of context.  Sure, I know when to watch what I say, and I respect older people, but I am tired of so many people criticizing what I say or do on here.  I only have to answer to two people, three if and when I find a man I want, as to what I do on here.  I am not doing anything wrong, and for those who think I am, you're on your own.

This might be the last post I do on here, so I'll see those who want to talk to me on Deviantart - it is free...- and I hope everyone has a good holiday.

After what was said on the previous blog, I have looked though every blog, and had done so over three times, looking for anything that could have been said.  I saw only one item that, in worrying about my mother at the time, I have since changed, since I had copied and pasted the list of items I had recieved for my birthday, and it was taken the wrong way.

Appearantely, you can not say what you want to say on here, in fear it might be taken out of context, so from now on, I will ask the person I am talking about if I may mention their name on here.  I have taken out every place where my grandmother is mentioned, and put something else in place, but I have no case where she is mention anywhere on here anymore, minus the previous blog.  If I have to have a document on my computer of those that are ok with me using their name on here, just so I am not accused of anything again, I shall ask for their name before I talk about something, just to cover myself from now on.

This might sound drastic, but this country has went so far downhill, no one seems to be safe from what one person says and it is taken the wrong way.  I will no longer say someone's name on here, unless I know beforehand it is ok.  Those that have passed on, I hope they don't mind me mentioning them, since I would only tell the truth, unbias, and have tried to never speak badly about someone who has passed on or who is still alive.  If I have, I apoligize, and will correct what was said.  If the bad thing I mentione _was_ true, I will not edit it, and leave it as is.  Everyone has their own opinion, and I know I can not change what someone else thinks, nor will I try to anymore.  I will defend myself, and this seems to be one way of doing it without being too drastic.

I found out the day before yesterday, my grandmother has accused me of telling stories about her, and I have yet to find out the full truth.  She has said that I have told on my blog how much money I and my family have recieved from her.  First off, I have read back on everything I have written, and have not found any place where I have said how much we have recieved from her.  Second, if someone _did_ tell her that, I would hope you would be adult enough to step foward and tell me who you are.  I want to know why you would put my good name to shame about speaking about her, due to I have never spoken badly about this woman _ever_ on here - it's always been good.

I now see she can't take me at my word, and if she doesn't apoligze and say she was wrong to judge me wthout even asking first if I did this, I do not see my family talking to her very much in the possible future.  I know my grandmother is a older lady, but that does not give her the right to judge me without showing me what proof she has of a wrong I have done or so she says.  She said she had a friend, 'one you don't know' that told her what I have said, but I have never told anyone exactly how much money she has sent us, because she has always been generous when it comes to birthday and Christmas to me, and if she sends anything to my parents, that is between her and them, not me.

I _will_ get to the bottom of this, and if someone _has_ told her these lies and won't admit to it and apoligize for putting my good name to shame, I will get even.  You have been warned, whoever you are - my family isn't the type to 'forgive and forget'.  You piss us off, we get even.  Remember that.

I've had a lot asking me what I got for christmas and my birthday, so I took the time to write this up. Since I'm sending this to quite a few people, I won't put the amount it cost, or for who the item is for, though, some of you that really know me, probably know who some of this is for. *smiles* I thought about trying to shorten it down a little, so it'd be more compact, but figured, why? This way, you can read it better and see each one. If you knew the amount for each item, and the S&H, you'd probably freak, but that amount is for me, my mother who helped order it for me,and the shippers to know. I got what I wanted, and I know, some might think I 'went crazy', but I got things I really wanted, and that's all that matters, as my boyfriend told me. I think I did pretty good with what I had, and I even had money, not much but some, left over. *smiles*


From family/friends:
- 1 internet aircard (parents - birthday)
- 2 outfits, one black with turtleneck, one red with hood (parents - Christmas)
- money (family - birthday/Christmas)
- 1 PC to TV converter (friend - gift)

- 1 Laptop carrying case
- 1 New webcam
- 1 Glow in the Dark Nail Polish and Lipstick
- 1 Glow in the Dark Paint Pen (Natural Clear)
- 1 set of Milky Way Glow Stickers
- 1 set of Star Explosion Glow In The Dark
- 1 Dark Celebration
- 1 Dark Possession
- 1 Dark Curse
- 1 Burning Wild
- 1 Dangerous Tides
- 1 Safe Harbor
- 1 Turbulent Sea
- 1 Hidden Currents
- 1 Conspiracy Game
- 1 Deadly Game
- 1 Predatory Game
- 1 Murder Game
- 1 Towel World Wolf Beach Towel
- 1 Street Game
- 1 Riddick Trilogy
- 1 Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital
- 1 The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
- 1 Rose Red
- 1 The Ultimate Matrix Collection
- 1 Wahl 2-Speed Hand-Held All-Body Massager with Heat
- 1 Towel World Panther Beach Towel
- 1 Dual USB Controller Adapter for SNES (Super Nintendo to PC)
- 1 set of ten 20 mm Mini Drop Crystal Prisms
- 4 28 mm Crystal Heart Prisms
- 1 The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm All-New Third Edition
- 1 Blood Rayne 2
- 1 Blood Rayne/Blood Rayne 2
- 1 Braiding hair book

Premiere Electrontics:
- 1 CB radio microphone

Collections Ect:
- 1 Musical Carousel
- 1 Snowflake Icicle dangler
- 1 Bird magnifying Glass Set
- 1 Collectible Wolf family
- 2 yards of rhinestones

Fire Mountain Gems:
- 2 'tennis' Bracelets
- 4 'tennis' Anklets
- 1 multibatch of Earstuds
- 8 different necklaces of colors and styles
- 1 container each of cording, tips and clasps
- 1 Moon & Stars Cuddlewrap

Spirit Mall:
- 1 Royal Marquis tiara
- 1 Black tiara bag
- 1 Black clothing bag
- 1 Black Bra camisole
- 1 Midnight Navy Bra camisole
- 1 Black Boot-cut plus size knit pants by Ello

(Unsure of site):
- 1 container of glow in the dark cord (white/glow)
- 1 Glamorise® Magic Lift® Soft Shoulder Back Close Wirefree Black Bra
- 1 Glamorise® Magic Lift® Soft Shoulder Front Hook Wirefree Black Bra
- 1 Glamorise® Sport Max Black Bra- 1 JMS® French Terry Black Short
- 1 JMS® French Terry Navy Short
- 1 Just My Style® Lace Top Thigh High Off Black
- 1 Valmont® Embroidered Black Lace Panty
- 1 Valmont® Lace Trim Black Bra Camisole
I've been looking for a few items lately to 'deck out' my laptop, and once I get it done, I'll be putting up the pictures of the before and after look...somewhere, don't know yet, or I'll just post them when people want to see them.  Right now, I have a black top, silver-colored laptop, and when I get done, it's going to have glow-in-the-dark keys as well as moons and stars on the cover and the place where you put your hands at while typing with a clear plastic over the moon/star combo.  I told my mom about it, and she's 'eh', but that's her.

Ok, for the final time, please drop the issue, people - I do not care anymore what she has to say, so stop bothering me about it. I don't care if I seem like a cold bitch. I've had enough, and I want everyone to stop bothering me about her. You want to talk to her, fine, but don't be telling me what she says or what she's whining about.

Katrina, get this though your head - I don't care what you do anymore, just leave me and Triston alone. We're not in your life anymore, so get over it and don't bother me about this anymore. I already told you once, if I see you, I'll be polite, but I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore, so stop bothering me about something that is in the past. You are _not_ going to get your way, so stop giving me hell and whining to everyone about how unfair I am. Life's unfair, and life's a bitch - get used to it.

Like it says, ask if you want, but if ya don't care to know what I've been up to, don't ask.  One thing I was doing before all of this was personal artwork on this site:  www.darkpantherian.gotpetlover…

These next two sites are for roleplay, so look at 'em if you want, and keep in mind, if you're not into sexual RPs, don't go to them - they _are_ adult, after all:

Rabbit Hole -…
F-list -…

Hope ya like 'em, and obviously, those interested in RP, tell me.

I just downloaded the newest YIM, version 10, and it's actually very good.  Not sure who all can use it, but it seems Vista can.  Looks like they added a few things, and everyone, from what I've seen, it's very good and looks/works excellant.  I know I normally never talk about programs, but this one, yes, you'll definately want to download.


Dark Tiger commented:  01/02/2010 12:54 pm
Just wondering if you liked the picture that I redone for you. I sent it to your email since i can't send it to you like I usually could.
Heh, that might sound corny, but it's true.  I have a lot of work to do on this, so I won't be on the messengers tonight, but I should be on them tommorrow.  Boy, am I glad to have it back.

Ok, for those that want to know, about a week ago, my computer's monitor started acting stupid, so I had to contact the company, which is HP, and they said I would have to send my computer into them for repair.  I should have it back within 2 weeks to a month, so if you don't see me online, it's because of that.

I hope you read this, Kyle - this is meant for you, and at least this way, I can sort out my thoughts.  Maybe my friend is right, using Twitter and Facebook to get her thoughts sorted out.  Anyway, here goes.

Kyle, you have been a dear friend, and I had hoped, a mate in time, but...I've been reading the archives on Yahoo.  There's several things that don't add up, as in, you tell me one age, then say a younger one within a day or so of us talking.  I did some adding, by using the year you said you were, and even the younger age was a lie.  If you want me to be with you, you have to trust me with the truth, and not lie to me - that's the fastest way to get on my bad side, outright lying, and not trusting me.  Please, start trusting me, would you?  I have met another, one that says he won't lie to me, and I believe him.  Kyle, you'll never lose my friendship, but as for my love...I'm starting to wonder.  I trusted you to tell me the truth, and I want to still trust you, but until you can tell me the truth, I don't know what to believe.  I do, though, still want to meet you, and at least talk to you in person.

I don't want you to do anything rash, but it will come down to you doing at least something small.  Kyle, start telling me the truth, with no lying, or I don't know if I can trust you whatsoever.  Friendship, you'll never lose, due to how long we have been friends, but as for love, I don't know if you'll be able to have my heart for any time soon, due to this.  Prove me wrong - trust in me, and tell me the truth when I ask for it.  Don't lie to me, thinking that you can't trust me.  I have never lied, nor will I - the artwork pic I sent you meant a lot to me...Did I put all of that in, and shouldn't have?

*hoots for joy* I'm glad you finally contacted me, Kyle - and considering the hell you put me though, ya better be careful...I didn't get mad, but I will get even...*grins very slowly, half evily and teasingly at the same time*  Also, since I couldn't tell you on your birthday, happy birthday, darlin', and if you're ever stay on long enough, I'll send you your birthday gift, and I hope ya like it.

Kyle, PLEASE, IM, call, or email me back, will you?  You know I care, and all this 'non-talking' is scaring me.  I don't know what's wrong, or if I've pissed you off or something.  I'm begging you here, PLEASE contact me.  I know you were online eariler - I saw you updated your profile, and I really want to talk to you.  If you don't want me to contact you anymore, just tell me, or if your parents said not to talk to me, just tell me.  Tell me something, please!  I have a lot on my mind, and you're scaring me here, baby.
You know I don't beg, but I am now - call me, IM me, email me.....something, _please_.

Ok, Kyle, I won't put down your screen name, as you well know, but honestly, did I make you mad or something this week?  Please, baby, give me a call, or IM - If I made you mad about something, just tell me, and I won't do it again.  *confused as hell*  I really want to talk to you, and it's not like i can go knocking on your front door to spend time with you.  How about ya IM me, no matter the status, and talk to me, please?  No matter the setting, I WILL get back to you, and tell me what time your night time starts after.  You told me you think your weekend is free, but what about weekdays??  I didn't really want to type this out on here, but I have no choice - maybe you'll get this message, at the least.  I've tried calling you several times and left you two messages though Yahoo's 'call computer' option.  I've even sent you a email or two.  If I'm bothering you, just tell me so.

Love ya, baby.
This is a warning to everyone, and more specially if you have friends or family living in the United States that drive for a major company, or are thinking about going to one --- DO NOT go to Covenant Transport.  If you are close to your 10th year being there, they will find any reason they can to fire you, no matter if it's true or not.  Just this week alone, close to 20 drivers were laid off between Monday to Thursday, and they're going to be going after the next senority soon enough.  Just during the last year alone, every six months they were losing over six million dollars, and they can't find out where.  You have been warned, if you're looking to drive for Covenant Transport - with no experience, or less than 6 months, they will make you team with another student, and be making about 15 cents a mile, a piece.  DO NOT go to Covenant whatever you do, and if you have family that drive or work for them that are reaching their 10th year with them, warn them to be looking for another job now - don't wait untill you get laid off or fired.  PLEASE, pass this message to everyone you know - Let's get back at Covenant Transport, one of the top paying companies, or was, before they screw any more drivers over.  That company will close it's doors, and we can make sure of it.  I'm asking everyone to forward this, but I normally don't.  Thank you all.

Ok, Yahoo's 360 wasn't the best, sure, by why change everything?  Sure, not that many were on it lately, but at least some of us made some blogs every now and then.  This is a pain in the butt, but at least they gave us the chance to save everything, if you want to.  Guess I'll have to post on here now instead of on there.