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I have been looking, for several years, for a site to post both my artwork and stories, and I believe I have finally found one, but I've had the link for 2+ years, and another, I've had since '06, and this account since who-knows-when.

From now on, I won't be posting my blogs on here, but on this page - www.dark-pantherian.deviantart… - obviously, it's DeviantArt's page, and I'm keeping the original of my artwork and stories, just in case.  I'm going to be moving all my documents from and on this name, to the DA page.

Also, keep in mind, from now on, I ain't editing what I say.  Ya don't like it, tough shit.  I'm tired of people taking one small item I mention, and not even hearing the whole story, and taking it out of context.  Sure, I know when to watch what I say, and I respect older people, but I am tired of so many people criticizing what I say or do on here.  I only have to answer to two people, three if and when I find a man I want, as to what I do on here.  I am not doing anything wrong, and for those who think I am, you're on your own.

This might be the last post I do on here, so I'll see those who want to talk to me on Deviantart - it is free...- and I hope everyone has a good holiday.

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March 7, 2011


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