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After what was said on the previous blog, I have looked though every blog, and had done so over three times, looking for anything that could have been said.  I saw only one item that, in worrying about my mother at the time, I have since changed, since I had copied and pasted the list of items I had recieved for my birthday, and it was taken the wrong way.

Appearantely, you can not say what you want to say on here, in fear it might be taken out of context, so from now on, I will ask the person I am talking about if I may mention their name on here.  I have taken out every place where my grandmother is mentioned, and put something else in place, but I have no case where she is mention anywhere on here anymore, minus the previous blog.  If I have to have a document on my computer of those that are ok with me using their name on here, just so I am not accused of anything again, I shall ask for their name before I talk about something, just to cover myself from now on.

This might sound drastic, but this country has went so far downhill, no one seems to be safe from what one person says and it is taken the wrong way.  I will no longer say someone's name on here, unless I know beforehand it is ok.  Those that have passed on, I hope they don't mind me mentioning them, since I would only tell the truth, unbias, and have tried to never speak badly about someone who has passed on or who is still alive.  If I have, I apoligize, and will correct what was said.  If the bad thing I mentione _was_ true, I will not edit it, and leave it as is.  Everyone has their own opinion, and I know I can not change what someone else thinks, nor will I try to anymore.  I will defend myself, and this seems to be one way of doing it without being too drastic.

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March 7, 2011


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