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I found out the day before yesterday, my grandmother has accused me of telling stories about her, and I have yet to find out the full truth.  She has said that I have told on my blog how much money I and my family have recieved from her.  First off, I have read back on everything I have written, and have not found any place where I have said how much we have recieved from her.  Second, if someone _did_ tell her that, I would hope you would be adult enough to step foward and tell me who you are.  I want to know why you would put my good name to shame about speaking about her, due to I have never spoken badly about this woman _ever_ on here - it's always been good.

I now see she can't take me at my word, and if she doesn't apoligze and say she was wrong to judge me wthout even asking first if I did this, I do not see my family talking to her very much in the possible future.  I know my grandmother is a older lady, but that does not give her the right to judge me without showing me what proof she has of a wrong I have done or so she says.  She said she had a friend, 'one you don't know' that told her what I have said, but I have never told anyone exactly how much money she has sent us, because she has always been generous when it comes to birthday and Christmas to me, and if she sends anything to my parents, that is between her and them, not me.

I _will_ get to the bottom of this, and if someone _has_ told her these lies and won't admit to it and apoligize for putting my good name to shame, I will get even.  You have been warned, whoever you are - my family isn't the type to 'forgive and forget'.  You piss us off, we get even.  Remember that.

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March 7, 2011


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