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Trench Coat Male And Female By Verdy K edit by dark-pantherian Trench Coat Male And Female By Verdy K edit by dark-pantherian
For those of you that follow :iconverdy-k: will recognize her work.  After seeing… that she posted, I asked, hoping she would say yes, if I could get the jacket from this doll.  Unfortunately, she said she didn't have it anymore, but I would be allowed to make it into a template.  You can see the original in the above link.  This is slightly different.  First, I adjusted the upraised sleeve slightly to go along with the base.  Both bases are on :iconverdy-k: page, just look for the male sword base, and base group 4.  To make it this way, I had to do a bit of cropping, but that is why I left the two bases on here, as well as the jacket in case you wish to layer it somehow.

Programs used: only MSPaint windows 10 version.
Original made by: :iconverdy-k:
Edits by myself.  I only claim the work of cropping it, not the editing.  Any other people that worked on it, please look to the original work for that credit.  As I said, only credit I claim is what I did to it.  I only do editing like this for fun, I don't do commissions.  If you would like something edited, please tell me.  Also, I only save things first in 24 bmp, converted to png.  I refuse to use JPEG.
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February 13, 2018
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