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Praying for Power - original by dark-pantherian Praying for Power - original by dark-pantherian
Okay, I've revamped the entire doll picture, and decided to repost the first, second and third versions, to show the complete version fully.  Please don't claim my work as yours, since I've done my best to accurately give credit to everyone as I can.  Picture 2 and 3 will be having two new characters on it as well, and I'm not going to post what each picture had added, I'm going to let people look and guess.  :). Hope everyone likes these 3 pictures, they were more than just a pain to do, and all work was done under a version of MSPaint.

This picture was a bit of a pain, but I'll explain about it as much as I can - the two on the right and left, I heavily modified them from a Zeonia KiSS doll - please don't ask who made the original doll, I just don't know! the middle one, it was off of a base doll labeled 'eternally'. I don't remember who did it, so I'm sorry, but any editing that was done to this picture is completely my work. 9/10s of the clothes was redone by me, the wings were from totalSM, a KiSS file. The background is a space picture I found - I don't remember where it came from either, so sorry!

From the far left to right is this, in order, and for more info, just ask:
Neoqueen/Neocommander of the realm
Zion Neosilverstar
Amelia Leighanne (real, modified)
Dark Pantherian
Pantherian Princess, Amelia Leighanneia
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February 21, 2012
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