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The Putrid Womb of the Goat

Wandering aimlessly, we can't find the exit of this twisted place...
I want to escape from this horror... But a
part of me wants to die, I can't stand my shattered mind.
I feel like my soul was repeatedly raped by a blunt force, something beyond my imagination. If only I could tear out my eyes...

What is that damn stench? Putrid mess lays on the floor.
The smell of rotting blood fills my lungs. I think I'm going to vomit... Dismembered women fill the place. But all of them share a morbid detail: their heads were mutilated, and replaced by heads of goats, sutured to their necks. A huge mass of bones and meat hangs over us. A monstrous dead goat, infested with worms, covered with mutilated human limbs. All put together and stitched in the most fucked-up way possible... Most of the victims had been reported as missing long ago. Is this some kind of ritual? 

There is an inscription on the floor:

The enemy of God and Satan now walks on the earth
The seeker of revenge
Through the blood of man He will rise
Through the soul of man He will rule

The enemy of God and Satan? What does that means? I'm not a superstitious person, I don't believe in god,  but it looks like a twisted prophecy. The flesh covering the walls, dead bodies in fetal position... I think this could be an allegory of an uterus.  Morbid sentences can be read all over the wall. Phrases like "burn the whores", "drunk of human blood", "rape their souls, devour them"... And now I can hear them in my head, the victims. It's like the voices of their souls... It's a pandemonium of screams, crying in pain. The severed heads are talking to me, taking my head about to explode...

My co-workers reassured me, their faces showed immense horror. García told me that I was paralyzed for several minutes, staring into the void. I can't believe in his words. Suddenly, our conversation was violently interrupted by a barely perceptible shout in the distance... Damn it! We wish we had not heard it, because we went after him. Maybe it was someone asking for help, maybe it was something more...

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ClassicalSalamander's avatar
Nice work. Such detail and depth. :nod: A lot of good stuff here, very strong and figurative, beautiful use of shading and contrast.

Thinking about it, if something was the Enemy of both God and Satan... wow. That's kinda mind-blowing. Like, not even 'evil', but beyond. :o
ERASERHEAD0's avatar
The wickedest sight, awesome.
HoshisamaValmor's avatar
Seriously man. The style is not my personal taste, but the detail! The detail is just overwhelming. This is so impressive. Everywhere you look, there's something else you didn't capture at first glance and that adds a whole layer to the drawing. Damn. 
I really appreciate your words!! Thank you very much!! :D
Soldier667's avatar
"But daaaad, hurry up, we're hungry."
"Go find something else to stitch together, dinner won't be ready until I finish tenderising this"
" stop bothering or you are going to be the dessert" hahaha 
Skullgrin-140's avatar
Such metal work sir. Simply outstanding! 
Thanks a lot mate!! I really appreciate it!! :)
laurex2010's avatar
Creepy, and the shadows are good
Grinimal's avatar
Wow, this is amazing!
I'm glad you like it. Thanks!! :)
Grinimal's avatar
No problem at all! Keep at these amazing pieces.
Number543's avatar
it's so dark and i really love dark things
Excellent!! Dark things are the best!! :)
Number543's avatar
and they will always stay the best 
Snoeckie2000's avatar
This is kinda sick, kinda awesome hahahahah
Thank you!! I really appreciate it :)
Snoeckie2000's avatar
It's very beautiful, so detailled. Well done! :)
xmanmonk's avatar
Awesome, man, The rotting flesh is excellent!
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