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Name: Onem
Apperance: Fox / Komodo
While the Light Clan are more obviously foxs the Dark Clan are more ferral due to their former role of the Warrior cast, this gives them a more wolf-like appearance, though they are still geneticaly the same as the Light Clan.

While part reptilian (Komodo to be precise), those traits are inherited. As such any Onem will inherit the dominant Komodo traits of their parents. This means that if one Onem has Komodo Legs, Shoulders, and hands ONLY, all their siblings from the same parents will have the same basic appearance (though it may vary, for example how much of the leg and so on). Of course there is the chance that a submissive trait may appear in one sibbling and not another.


Made up of two primary clans, they are dubbed the Light and Dark clans. However they have no true names in themselves.

The Light Clan acts as a shield while the Dark Clan acts as the sword. When they work together they co-op their millatery forces in such a way.
This includes in space, as the Light Clan has only one vessel it acts for repairing fighters damageed in battle and extends it's sheilds in form of a wall to defend the assault vessels behind (they have the shield information needed for that fight to fire through the sheilds without a problem).

Although either clan can easily spread outside the system, they prefer to remain close to home. High speed vessels of their do leave the system though for diplomatic meetings and importing/exporting. Such vessels are jointly made with with clans and belong to neither. As such they dock in orbit at a neutral station built by several species native of the same planet.

Due to the existance of many different cultures on the planet, many of them worked together while others would fight. The Onem were on the defensive for many hundreds of years and this started to see them taking big losses. This stopped them from being able to develop normaly like many of the others around them.

A large group of Onem eventualy got together and formed a small society at the base of a mountain and had been unnoticed for many years. It was in this time they were able to gain their technological knowledge. However they did so at a pace faster than those around them. While they adopted what they had learned from others and reverse engineered it they began to find their own way in things. However they had not reached the point of being able to set up a real millitary. Back then the Onem were comprised of Casts, the ancestors of the Dark Clan were known as the warriors and they were the ones that went out to fight. Most of the time these would be suicide missions designed to lead nearing forces away from their new home.

While this happened the few Onem that had not joined them had been hunted down, and rather than killing them most people just placed them into servitude. Over time Onem were regarded by most cultures as nothing but slaves. Cultures that decided that slavery was wrong simply 'disposed' of their Onem through one means or another. Whenever such people find slaves being used they will fight for their free rights, but when encounting Onem they don't even look at them half the time.

Eventualy the Onem home had been found and an evacuation had been issued. Everyone gathered what they could and esscaped. While their home was raided and then engulfed in flames. Although they had not been followed they had very little to work with. They soon made a new home in a canyon that was chosen because of rockslides near the entrance. When they made it to the end they made a new home. Over the many years that followed they began to construct two large objects. The first was known simply as 'The Base' while the other was called 'The Carrier'. While the former was built on the canyon floor the latter was built optop of the canyon. The Base eventually had the rock carved away from it's sides and settled into the ground while it had SANCTUARY built on top. 'The Carrier' was forced to leave the canyon since it's sheer size was going to attract attention, it's construction was completed on the move and become FORTRESS.



The Light Clan reside in a city known as SANCTUARY (always spelt with capitols). The city is located within a large canyon and only has one entrance where the canyon closes off. Here there is a large stone wall blocking the way with a pair of large doors at the base. From inside the city all sides are surrounded by the canyon walls. This makes it an ideal defense as there is no other entrance and was chosen for this reason. The cities design utilises white and cream stone work for the most part and almost no buildings possess flat tops as they are mainly pirimid or spherical.

Around the city itself within the canyon walls and under it's surface are walls that are several meters thick. The city was designed with the ability that one day it could be move as a whole and transplanted somewhere else if the need was drastic. However to do so would require the destruction of the canyon above. After the city developed so far it was decided that doing so from then on would proove to great a risk as it was never expected the city to grow so much so quickly. Because of this they did not have the thechnology to move the current mass. Although it may be possable now, any such thoughts are put aside as there is no where to go and the only thing with the power to move SANCTUARY without tearing either itslef or the city apart would be FORTRESS itself.

Despite being a spiritual place, the residents of the city do not believe in any perticular religion. However they do believe that there exists a couple of specific entities from ancient beliefs, they do not woreship them as gods.

At the rear of the city is a large temple, within here the royalty reside. beyond the first room is the main chamber where a large fresh flame is lit every morning to burn insense that will spread through the temple. Stored within the temple are the acient techniques of their race are stored. Mostly these techniques are for healing and supporting that are tought to many people, but the secluded techniques are the few offensive ones they were able to bring with them that are only tought to

Behind the main chamber is the meeting grounds for the High Mages, at the rear of the room is a large sky blue flame with steps leading up to it. When one steps up to take on the role of a High Mage then they climb the stairs and stand within the flame and become imbued with the energy that grants them their greatest powers, 'Grants'.

A secrect chamber far below the temple exists a barrier of dark energy blocking access to many relics and scrolls from when the city was established. It was created by High Mages of the Dark Clan to stop the Light High Mages from using them, as the Light Mages had done so with similiar relics and scrolls in the Dark Clans FORTRESS. This was done as a means to establish a peace treaty between the two, sine if either tried to attack the other, they would loose all chances of getting what was already within their own homes.

The higher floors of the temple belong to the royal family for buisness and their home. One such floor is an entire patio overlooking the whole city. No one but the Royal Council are normaly allowed the set foot upon these floors outside of an dire emergency (this normal refers to messages that have to reach the leading royal in time such as something that risks the safety of the city. However even then only a High Mage's access will be allowed unless there are none around.

(For the most part technology is similiar to that seen in Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe. Those should be used for referances as to the design and appearance.)

While most of the city appears to be stone work a lot of it is acturaly a form of technology. Onem technology uses an organic apperance that would fool anyone not familier with it. The technology responds to their very touch and in the case of skilled mages even their body langauge and thoughts. The normal appeance for technology in the city is a white/cream or lighter blue hues in appearance with faint green patterns that crawl along the surface in set patterns.

The technology for the buildings is used to reinforce the strength and provide heating and power to what ever may be inside. Everything else is normaly aquired from outside the city, as their only truely native technology are their buildings. This means that when importing most electrical technology their own building will power it. However since power cables are not compatible imported is modified to remove such aspects and install a small 'block' to act as a power receaver.

Vecials are one of the other few things Onem technolgy has developed to provide them. Although rarely used in the city except for emergencys such as medical treatment the city has basicaly no public transport and no personal vecials. The only ones that exist are for emergency services, the royal coach, the High Mages and Guardian Paladen Personal Carriers. Outside the city however is something different, they have many larger vecials designed to take their people to other nearby cities, however these are public transport and only run on set times and not request. Larger troop transports exist too and most of these vecials are stored within the canyons left side when leaving (beyond a large wall similiar to the one at the entrance, but smaller.

On the right side however is the Onem hanger for their much larger ship. This is a single Carrier class vessel capable of leaving the planets gravity. This carrier is rarely used and has few weapons on board. Among the weapons it does have are homing baslistics, these have a strong green glow to them and leave a similiar coloured trail behind and a pair of powerful beam weapons set up on either side that have a strong light blue hue to them. The defensive nature of the ship is much stronger as it was not designed specifiacally to fight but rather to protect those on board. The ships apperance is mostly elongated with a very small town set up inside. Along the sides of it are compartments that are used for the ships main crew. these compartments also act as a phisical shield for the sides of the town while the shields are more reinforced over the top while the bottom have additional plating to compensate.

A large compartment in front of the town acts as the carriers own hanger with repair and construction facilities. Although it can carry many different kinds of ships, the Light Clan only desired to design and build corvette sived vessels. There is another compartment solely for construction and testing of new prototype ships or parts, but this is rarely used and normaly occupied by research teams wanting to 'play' with equipment they normaly would not be allowed to (like carrier class engines). Sometimes theses little 'experiments' do get implimented to the carrier, but it is rare as they only do these to pass their time.

The Carrier is the private vessel of the Preistess and never leaves unless it's her direct command. Since the Preistess is rarely able to leave the city it is normaly commanded by an elit member of the Guardian Paladins.

-=High Mages=-
The High Mages of the Light clan are mostly known as Light Mages, however they do not like this title and refer to themselves simply as the High Mages. They are the main ruling force behind the city directly below the Royal blood line. There are eight of them each taking different duties, but they are not bound by that dutie and it is simply up to their desire what they do. However to become a High Mage requires a lot of dedication and none of them has ever let down the responsibilty imparted on them. They are the only ones of the clan that are able to use the forbidden techniques of their clan.

When a new High Mage is to come in they are nomally someone who has been trained directly by a current High Mage. That mage will step down and their place taken. Former members of the High Mages aree few and sparce. They may not step down to be replaced until they are near the end of their life, however some choose to step down much sooner when they feel the one they are training is ready to succeed them. Those that have steped down become part of the royal council and accompany the royal line to offer them wisedom and knowledge while also acting as a body guard. Despite the older age of many of these former mages, they are among the most powerful due to their wisdom and experiance.

-=Guardian Paladins=-
The primary army of the Onem, the report only to the High Mages. These warriors are trained to be extreamly skilled and fight to defend the city from whatever may treaten it. This includes anything from invaders to a falling balder from the canyon walls above. At anytime there are always twenty of these warriors aound the citys boundries. Each Guardian Paladin will have anywhere between five to ten soldiers trained under them. While the Paladins themselves are given the same training, their troops are trained according the the Guardian Paladin's person desire. This may mean training them like the Guardian Paladins or training them for different situations. Some may train their troops mearly to police the city as rare as it is needed.

-=Reikon Edge=-
The weapon reserved for the the High Mages and the Guardian Paladins. These weapons are made using an almost spiritual aspect. Each sword is link to it's masters life force and emit a piercing glow that allows the sword to cut through rock with ease. This aura is also able to be thrown almost like a boomerang. It will fling forwards and home into different targets, however it's power will weaken each time. The only flaw with this is that the one using the sword has to invision the targets. There have been cases when someone has accidently attacked a common ally because they were too busy thinking about NOT hitting their allies and tried to think where not to throw it. However the sword is incapable of knowing what location is wanted and what is unwanted, only that is is given a location

The blade itself is comparible to that of a scimitar and possess a unique pattern along it's blade that is formed when it makes a link with it's master and these patterns are the main sorce of it's aura. The further away the sword is from it's master the weaker it's glow and overall power will become. Should it's master die then the sword will loose it's glow and it's body will seemingly 'rot' and darken the blade. Such swords are collected and enshrined in a memorial hall for those that have fallen.

-=Royal Blood Line=-
The royalaty of the clan possess a great spiritual power and are able to forsee events yet to come. Though such visions are rare they are always acted upon and in the past saved the city from such events as natrual disaters that would have devestated the city if hit.

The current living member of the blood line is a young preistess. Her father had died protecting the city from an event he had forseen. Her mother as she does not have the royal blood was only elligable to take the leading seat until her daughter had reached her seventeenth birthday. As of now she live within the higher floors of the temple with her daughter overlooking the entire city.

-=Lexia Le'an=-
The current Preistess of the city. She resides in the main temple and is rarely allowed to leave. She is over protected by the High Mages who have been the closest thing for parents for most of her life. She rarely meets those from the city and has very few friends. However she has befriended a few of the young children who are trained to one day succeed High Mages and see's them as younger brothers and sisters.
Upon her sevententh birthday she went through a ceromony to become the rightful leader of the city to have a Reikon edge forged using her blood. This results in a sword with a smoother edge, smaller blade and a much stronger aura and is her personal weapon which she has trained with on and off for the three years since getting it.

Her particalar Komodo traits are as follows:
- Hips
- Thighs
- Top half of her tail
- Shoulder (including shoulder blades)
She posses long hair that is cut straight just above her tail and it is a very strong blue unlike her lighter blue fur.
She normal dresses in robe like attire for the most part and normal wears such clothing that leaves the sides of her legs free as she dislikes confining attire.

(She inherited her mothers Komodo thighs, but her mother also has a full Komodo tail, her father had a full fox tail resulting to a half tail. Both her parents had Komodo shoulders, though her mothers are smaller and do not cover as much).



An enoumius mobile facility, FORTRESS (always spelt with capitols) is even larger than SANCTUARY. Because of it's mear size it is a force to be rekoned with. However that is mearly a weapon in itself as the bulk of it is hallow and empty. FORTRESS was designed to one day carry SANCTUARY which would be decended into onto it from above providing the Onem with a true home. It's design was agreed upon many years ago as a means of one day promoting peace between the two clans. It's main method of travel are it's large treads to travels over terrain, however because of it's size it uses a number of vernia thruster situated underneith to hover slightly for a period of time. This thrusters have allowed it to go places most mobile weapons can't and in many situations have successfully escaped assults or succeeded in gaining a tactical advantage.

Although from the outside it appears to be a very rough and gritty compound, the interior design is quite spartan to comfotable. The mojority of the rooms are built for a milatary standard and only civilian area's offer spacious areas.

The Dark Clans technology is very much similiar to the Light Clan. However they chose to use a darker mix of colours for the presentation of it by using darker greys with much darker energy blue patterns. It is from these choices for how their technology appears that made many dubbed them Light and Dark Clans.

Since the Dark Clan for more milaterlistic they posses a formidable army. The entire outer secion of FORTRESS was designed for this purpose. With training grounds, weapons devlopment, manufacting and vecial bays on all sides FORTRESS, just as it name implies, is designed to be ready for battle at anytime.

Thier most prominant force are their tanks. A low altitude hover vechial these tanks come in three varieties all with primary turrets capable of aiming in all directions. With a large goove in the center at the front the turret is even able to aim down so that they can fire from high-ground with ease. The three tank variations are Beam (concentrated beam), Bust (fires a series of six homing ballistics that emit a strong destructive aura along with a trailing tail giving them a snake like appearance) and Shot (a weapon that requires time to charge to fire a large explosive ball). Due to the waiting time between firing the main turret each tank is fitted with two smaller machine gun like turrets on to two foward sections. Despite their power and formidable armour the tanks are unable to carry shield units as this would mean they would loose their firepower and momentum. Because of this the tanks are loaded with protection for the pilot to protect from radiation and extream heat.

Since it is unforseen that FORTRESS and SACTUARY would unit anytime soon it was decided to use the extra space to build a number of powerful star ships. FORTRESS has two Destroyer class and one Dreadnaught class docked. While the Destroyers have a larg number of rapid fire weapons and a couple of powerful beam weapons situated on it, the Dreadnaught is armed solely with powerful beam weapons (forward facing allowing for limited aiming) and anti-air burst weapons (all other sides). The primary weapon of the Dreadnaught is a powerful energy weapon of the Wave Motion Gun classification. The Dreanaught also carriers a large number of fighters to augment it's slow firing weapons to to bide time for their firing times.


Term given to members of either clan that deceded to, or could not, live in SANTUARY or FORTRESS. These Onem are decended from either clan and are mostly slaves to other races accross the planet used for a wide varity of purposes. For this reason only armoured Onem soliders (or official groups with an armed escort) are alowed to enter other cities accross the world. Although most races won't hesitate to throw something at an Onem and shout abuse that them, such threats are rarely seen when the Onem are carrying Photon Rifles. Some people will normaly show off their Onem slaves when Light or Dark clans arrive as a way of trying to prove their believed suporioty. Neither clan is allowed to interfear as they are only able to act to protect their citazens by law. This leaves most soldiers and guards irratable after performing such visits and escort with a number of them feeling queezy and throwing up depending on how often they see such sights.

There is a joint coventure by groups from SANCTUARY and FORTRESS attempting to find ways to free the so called Third Clan and reunite them with their breathren. However since they are scattered around the world it becomes difficult. These two groups after speaking with High Mages from both clans aquired permission to build a small ship of 'cruiser' size for these people. The ship was built using FORTRESS's millatary and compact design with the SANCTUARY's defences and engines. However the condition was that they vessel bare no weapons of any kind. With small rooms for people the ship was allowed to go out and free slaves to give them a better life. However the cost of this is that they can not return to either SANCTUARY or FORTRESS, they would be officialy regarded as rouges. This was decided because otherwise they would be acting in the names of the two clans and would risk war being brought to them.

After freeing roughly thirty slaves they began to form their own colony aboard the ship. They hold no grudge towards either clan for not allowing them to return. However they do carry equipment for picking up communication signals for either clan's standard lines and have on occasion acted upon SOS's. This is the only time they may come near SANCTUARY or FORTRESS in order to bring back survivors from a battle and in these cases this is used as an excuse to give them needed suplies as a 'reward'.

After reaching a population of sixty they decided to official call themselves the 'Third Clan' (while unofficialy called themselves the 'Shadow Clan') and have taken it upon themselves to refit their ship at a neutral space station to have slightly smaller rooms but allowing for double the overall people, reinforcing the hull and increasing the ships length. They also upgraded the ships engines and reworked the energy grid so they could use the ship itself as a weapon. Although they looked into it they decided it was not practical to install Faster Than Light systems for interglatic travel since they would have no need to leave until all Onem were freed.


[DARK CHAOS (Draku Keios)]

An Onem who had inherited skills from both Light and Dark clans through a mutation that rarely arrises. Once studied under a High Mage of the Light Clan, he was originaly meant to follow the same path of his teacher. However when his dark aspects were revealed he was forced to either expell the forces or if he refused or was unable to he would be bannished.

After he left and learning to control his abilities he found himself fighting hostiles quite frequently. Eventualy when the larger nations or the planet went to war with each other and dragged in other nations to support them he found himself in constant battles and had killed many people.

Long after the war he was remembered as a monster for killing in the millions. However what was forgotten was that although he killed people on all sides, all sides were still trying to kill everyone else, not just him. After a battle where he was found and most forces left decimated it was attributed to his presence, caused single handidly by him. However there were many more battles without him that resulted in worse casulties, it was mearly his survival in so many fights that resulted in the rumours spreading as they did.

The ship belonging to Dark Chaos (or in the case of Dark Chaos not in universe cannon, the ship of Draku Keios, the name Dark Chaos was remembered as after events a few thousand years ago. This section is written in the form that the ship is thus a few thousand years old.

An old ship, it is the only known ship of the Xaos-Class to have ever been built. Despite it age it is still a formidable weapon. The only downside is that when Draku Keios brought in people to design and build it, a few too many of them were wanna-be mad-scientists. As a result the ship is loaded with so many weapon systems and power generators that several nations who were at war with each other performed a co-operated assaination to kill or those involved with it's contruction to stop another being built. To their shock however Draku Keios was the one who had sent the information about the ship and who was involved in it's design. This meant that even though another could not be built to support the Xaocis none could be built to go against it.

With three primary cannons (one in each wing and one at the front) along with dozens of multi-directional plasma based pulse weapons and directed ion beams, if one weapon wasn't strong against an attacker, another would do.

The ship was originaly designed as a carrier and each of it's wings support ten multi-beamed frigates. However all of the ships orriginal compliment have long since been destroyed and their designs lost in the ages. However the hull of one of these ships does exist in a musium built in dedication of the great war with much information (as it was remembered). The componants of this ship were removed to attempt to find defence from the ships weapons (which is why all the frigates were eventual destroyed).

Despite all the technology Draku Keios's favourite aspect of the ship was at the rear. A large garden with lighting designed to reproduce natrual sunlight and moon light. With a collection of flowers and trees from around the planet with a small field, there have even been times when Draku Keios would get out a simple tent and 'camp out'.

Currently the Xaocis is a drift behind one of the planet's (natrual) satalites with it's automated systems activating when something comes into range. This has been used as a means or space combat by people forcing their enemies into the ships range. Although all it's baslistic ammunition has long since been deplited, it's plasma and ion weapons remain eternaly at the ready.

All govourments have since declared the area of this satalite a forbidden zone. The thing no one understands to this day is why it emmits an old fasioned radio signal towards the satalites surface.
Ok, this is my species, the Onem. I'm still adding to this over time. I just wanted to get it uploaded and out of the way. This kind of tells a bit about my main character and avatar, Dark Chaos in terms of what he is so it can be cleared.

I'm mostly uploading this for the Centriiost Project. If used in the project, it will more than likely be an altered version for allowances to be accepted. In general what you read above is the original version of the Onem.

I've spent that last few days or so collection as much information from the last several YEARS that was still available on back ups of mine and memory.

Their planet for my version of them in unnamed and no specfic other species ever mentioned to live on it. This is so I can incorpirate them into many projects and role play. So in short the planet they are on, and the other species on the planet (however many or few) can be decided by anyone and does not need my approval (or even consultation) in the least.

EDIT: Small note, the terms 'Technique' and 'Grants' is in referance to SEGA's Phantasy Star games. I forgot to mention the Dark Clans Megid (aka Megido) Techniques. I'll be using these terms so people understand what they are until I work my own names.

Technique: An ability created by mages long ago to allow normal people use use a type of psudo magic.
Grants: Strong Light based attack.
Megid: Dark abilities, different versions change from Instant death to 'virus' like abilities.
Satalite: The term 'natrual' Satalite means one of the planets 'moons'. I use this term because for technical reasons they are not called 'moons' The name of Earths Natrual Satalite is Moon (or the moon). Because of that it is a misconception that 'the' moon is 'a' moon which is treated as fact and now most profesionals call them such. I just like to be picky and say satalite ^_^
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