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ok so first off im really happy i get to critique this drawing! i knew right away that is was Kashi from Naruto i love how you incorporated the dog (i forgot his name sorry) also i love how you have the ground start at his feet and then it turns into clouds as you get to his hair that was a really awesome idea but i think it would have made more sense if instated of the sky you put fire because fire and earth is hie kind of jutsu. i love how you added in the the knife (i know what its called i just don't know how its spelled) over all you did amazing job on this.
Lol the dog (is that a pug?) on bottom right!
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Yeap, and on his shoulder...:)
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Any time.  You should do more of these, I think.
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I know...:)

I will make more...:)
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:D Glad to hear it.  
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Kakashiiiiii!!! :D
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I love this concept, so epic and mysterious:D
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yaaaay kakashi sensei :D
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That is really cool!
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Very nice concept and visual impact! :clap::sun:
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You're welcome! :) :sun:
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