Here are some more things I thought you'd guys get a kick out of.……………
After much thought and consideration I've chosen a Winner.  Now since there were only two entries, there will only be first and second place.

   Both designs were wonderful and both were about equal in faves, comments, and views.
I found it very hard to decide, but I chose the one that I felt would represent the group the best.

                                         Now for the results

:iconfirstplaceplz: 1ST PLACE :icon126050922: Congratulations! You have received one fully colored drawing from myself. I'm gonna put your design up as soon as possible.  (note: The request needs to be reasonable.)…

:iconsecondplaceplz: 2ND PLACE :icontielgar: Congratulations! Will receive one quick drawing from myself. (note: The request needs to be reasonable.)…

:D You guys did awesome!!!
~~~~~~~Deadline JULY 20th~~~~~~~~~
I've been trying and trying to make the group icon for quite some time now, but I just
can't seem to get it to my liking. SO I've decided to place this in the hands of you all.

Now obviously I'm gonna reward the winners. I'll be the judge and just like last time I'll be rating the picture by comments, faves, quality of the work, idea, and creativity.
~Now when you place your entry; you have to be willing to allow me to use it for the group. If you DO NOT want to have your picture used for the group icon, than DON'T enter please. I'm not gonna claim it for my own, I promise to give credit where credit is due.

1St Place: The Winning design will be used as the Dark hand icon and the artist will receive one fully colored drawing from myself.(note: The request need to be reasonable and somewhat appropriate.)

2nd Place: Will receive a one Quick drawing Request. I'll color it a bit and stuff, but I won't have enough time to put as much work into it as I will with 1st place.

3rd place: One Sketch request.

Requirements: 1.   It must have at least 3 colors used.
                   2.   It must have at least 3 of the Dark Hand Characters represented or drawn in it. Preferably Valmont and the enforcers.
                   3.   It must be rectangular shaped like the icon share always is.
                   4.   It must have The dark hand written somewhere on it.

RULES: #1 No mature content, which includes no nudity, drug references, sexual themes, strong language, Gore, violence, and things of that manner. ~Basically lets KEEP IT APPROPRIATE. ~
          #2 You may submit as many entries as you desire (Note: it's not about quantity it's about the quality).
          #3 You don't need to be a member to participate in this event, but it doesn't hurt to join.
          #4 Be nice and have fun.

ALL ENTRIES NEED TO BE POSTED TO THE 'Icons" FOLDER. If you have trouble posting it, please tell me because I'm still working out the kinks in the submissions system.…
I found some amazing fanart of the enforcers on tumblr. Just thought id share ti with the group.
If you guys have any Honorable Mentions, feel free to share too in the comments.

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