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border and corner brushes 2

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if you downloaded these before this date, and they were not working before, please download again and they should be fine.

detailed stock rules in my journal - but at least do this:
:bulletpurple: note me/leave a comment here with a link to the picture you have made with this stock.
:bulletpurple: give credit - give people a link to this picture in your description thing :p

Brush pack contains:
8 border and corner brushes (all of these will be shown in the preview) + the preview picture as a brush so you can remember where you got them

click download to get these brushes!
When you download the pack, just open up photoshop, and go to the drop-down bar where you see all your brushes. There should be a small arrow in the top right hand corner. Click that, and chose load brushes - then look through your files and double click on the file with the same name as the title of this deviation, and then they will be at the bottom of your list of brushes on the dropdown bar! If you have any problems, please feel free to ask me and I will do my best ^_^

if you cant use them in your version of photoshop, then you can make them into brushes yourself.
save the picture, and open it in photoshop. select one pattern on its own, and go to edit->define brush preset->ok. then go to the list of brushes, scroll to the bottom, and it will be there, ready to use!
Alternatively, I have also uploaded a PNG file for you: (if these is no link here, I am still working on updating the brushes and it will be here by the end of today! In the event that I have forgotten, where the date is not 8th july, then feel free to note me and I will happily upload the picture for you, or show you where Is is J

small tutorial of exactly how to use photoshop brushes:

1) first of all press the download button, where :+fav: is :)
2) save the brushes when the options box comes up - and remeber where you saved them! :D
3) open up your phtoshop, and click the brush tool so that you can draw and whatever.
4) then, (at the top of the page in photoshop, near file and edit) where it says brush: then there is a black circle, an a number under it, and a tiny arrow on the left - you need to click the tiny arrow. the list of brushes will appear; and, at the top right hand corner, there is another tiny arrow pointing to the right.
5) click the tiny arrow, and lots of options will come up.
6) the options are separated into different sections. go down five sections, and you need to click "load brushes"
7)then a thing where all your files are comes up, and you need to find the brushes you saved - they will be in a single file altogether, so all you need to do is look for either the title of the brushes (for these, it will be good wing and broken wing by dark-dragon-stock) or the picture similar to the photoshop program thumbnail, with the title underneath it.
8)click the file to open it, and, tada! the brushes from the file will be at the end of your list of brushes on photoshop.

9)to use a brush, its easy - just click the brush you want to use like normal, and then just click on the page - or at least a new file/picture your doing, and the brush shape will appear as a drawing kind of thing :D
its best if you use the mouse, to keep it neat and it wont move so much as using a tablet or something :) unless its a brush that does different stuff.....then you can just mess around and see what you can do ^_^

© 2008 - 2021 dark-dragon-stock
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Thank you for these lovely brushes!

Love it, thanks :heart:

Wonderful work! I really like the looks of this! :) Thank you very much for sharing!

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Used Here:  Mi 2019 by TAONN  Thank You :kiss:
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Used here:  The Brood by TAONN
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And again here too: PostCard-V5FireDragonKeeper3 by TheArt-Of-NefyNilde
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Also used here: Postcard-Iris Dragonfly by TheArt-Of-NefyNilde
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Fantastic brushes. I need to find a way to incorporate them into a future composite. Brilliant!
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Used these for a border on a preview image for some game assets I made. They might have been around for a while, but these brushes still rock.
Dark Clock Tower by CloudyAnn
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Can I use this for a book inside-page layout? 
I would credit you in the technical page at the beginning of the book. 

Thanks a lot. 
thank you so much for sharing your time and talent, they are really beautiful brushes.
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I used a border on this piece… thank you so much for posting such wonderful border brush :D
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thanks a lot. great for finishing a composition, great inspiration.
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Such beautiful brushes, thank you for creating them and sharing them with us.
I have used them on my friend's shop template on the game

This is the template where I used your brushes:…

I have given you the credit in the Art Journal on that game's website (If you would like to check it out, it is under "Art for Jazmic (about, avatar, signature and SHOP TEMPLATE)" on this URL:…

thank you!
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Used here:.… (can't see it much, but still thought I'd post it since you asked c:)
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Thank you for the brush! >w< I actually copied and pasted it since I don't have Photoshop.
Anyways, I made a Valentine with it:
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I LOVE this! Used here and thank you! Dark Bride in Waiting by Children7
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