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I used this method a lot lately. It should be very very helpful! Ask if you need more infos

DOWNLOAD the zip for some tuto steps

Show me the results!!!

EDIT fixed a typo (right/left) + added more suggestions
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It is so nice of you to give this mini tutorial. The way you have dissected into easily followed frames It takes a secure person to show and help others out in the field of Mandelbulb 3D. When someone asks me for my cake recipes, I always give them the information. What you have done in showing how to layer bit , by bit. How not to go to far so it looks like it could be real. Now I know where to point a person who may need help. No on can thank you enough, to educate them in the fun, that we call Madelbulb 3D. You are also a little humble because anybody as good as you are, do not have to do tutorials. Sharing your work in this way, goes far above the be nice code.
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tisk tisk - not in my faves :lmao: 
Thank you grumpy-sweetie :huggle:
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:D :lmao: ... enjoy ... a :kiss: Iwona
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Thanks very much for sharing this.  It took a little while but I managed to get it mostly right.  I was having trouble isolating the sphere though as some of the surrounding areas were also picking up the reb, but I'm guessing practice makes perfect :)
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Thanks for the tutorial.  I most definitely will work with this one.  Cheers!
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:aww: so try it and enjoy
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I will.  On another subject, your journal entry for submitting parameters for specific formulas, i.e., aboxmod1 + aboxkali, doesn't mention where it should be submitted unless you are referring to the Mandelbulb3D group.  I just submitted to several groups.    Cheers!
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To my journal :)
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Thank you! I placed a sphere in this fractal with the aid and inspiration of your tutorial. :hug:
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I can no longer see! :(

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:? hmmm, link worked for me or do you mean something else?
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Great tut! Thanks! :)
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:wave: Hi! I can't click on this to get a zoomed/readable version. Did it revert to the default size to display after it was edited? Thanks in advance! :)
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Thanks Luca for a great little tutorial
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Thanks Luca for a great little tutorial - very useful and well explained :D
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hehe... didn't isolate the color of the sphere, but thank you! for the tutorial.... inspired this one.. [link]
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well.. I can't say I use it "well" but darn skippy I'm giving this a go... just now started even thinking about using diffs.... the inside tip here too is the 1 and 1 hybrid.. sounds like a good project for the day...
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Nice one, thanks Luca
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