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Mandelbulb FAQ-suggestions

By dark-beam
I hope this helps.
ZIP contains a word document, so no virus here :)

Please, report me any suggestion! I will be glad to make it better
© 2011 - 2021 dark-beam
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Thanks. I find your tutorials useful
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Saved the document to my laptop for future reference. Thanks!
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Thanks, all still a bit of "Greek" to me, but your document helps a lot!!
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My dear, this doc is very old and should be completely rewritten becaise mb now has a far smarter interface! :) some ideas are still valid.

anyway, there is a way to combine fractals with Difs, check my folder helpful stuff, I explained lots of techniques. Read and you will do masterpieces :)
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Wow! This info is so helpful! Hard to say in words how nice it is to have such insights! Thanks so much, for everything!
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Thanks a lot! I should update it with new stuff...
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That would be fantastic! Thanks again!

BTW, can you tell me how to utilize the 10 invisible custom preset boxes, under the 5 visible light presets at the bottom of the Lighting dialog box? I can't figure it out, or find any info on them.
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Don't know either sorry
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ciao spero hai avuto il mio messaggio puoi scaricare la zip con il tuo tutorial corretto da qualche errore e anche in pdf su

quando lo hai scaricato dimmelo che rimuovo la zip

ciao e grazie per il tut e tutte le formule
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Se sai farlo, puoi caricarlo su DA ti dò il permesso ufficiale. :)
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Grazie mille. :hug:

Purtroppo come ti ho accennato non è servito granchè perchè cmq è riferito alle vecchie versioni e moltissimi dettagli andrebbero aggiornati; oggi lavorare con MB è molto piùsemplice e veloce.
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Qualche erroe ti ortografia ti è sfuggito se vuoi li correggo e t mando una copia
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Grazie! Dovrei anche aggiornarlo (di brutto) ma sono pigro :)
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okay lo rileggo poi te lo mando
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This tutorial has been featured in my journal here: [link] !!! Thanks so much! :D
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Grazie per il tutorial
sai se ce ne uno specifico per animazioni ?
(per ora sto facendomi le basi ma voglio provare presto a fare un breve video)
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Per animazioni? Non credo, prova a chiedere al mitico Hal Tenny :worship:
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Thanks so much for this! I hope it helps me with Mandelbulb. I get so lost trying to navigate to something that looks interesting, but when I think I'm zooming into it, when it renders in the preview window, it never looks anything like I think it will. Maybe one day I'll get the hang of it.
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Well this is unavoidable since a preview will never be like the final render. :D
anyway remember to download the latest version asap :D :kiss:
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