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How do I program difs shapes

By dark-beam
Due to time constraints, I will not answer to every possible question about those files, please elaborate them by yourself. :) I am giving that to everyone, but don't ask me to explain everything...
Study and research, you can do it ;) I did not have all those resources at hand BUT I was able to find out by myself...
Nothing personal. Try to ask if you have doubts - *but* don't obsess me with questions, or I won't reply anymore. :(

This is a resource for experienced people, who knows about floating point assembly, if you read and study those example you should be able to program customized DIFS shapes into Mandelbulb3D.
Find flat assembler here.
Use any hex editor you like.
Once you compile the example, a BIN file is generated
Convert the bin into a plain string, in hex mode, example 55FE561ABB3C without spaces,  you get the so called "code"... and paste it into a suitable Mb3D formula frame, like this

.Version = 6
.DEoption = 20
.Double OTrapOffset = 0
.2Doubles Scale = 2
.2Doubles Z add = 0
.Double Y add = 0
.Double X add = 0
.Integer Apply scale+add = 0
.Double OTrapOnIts= 0.25
.3SingleAngles Rotate = 0
.Double extraparam1= 1.0
.Double extraparam2= 1.0
Double = 9999999999.9
... constant section can be aswell omitted but use it to treat not user changeable int/double values...
83C4CC660F10468................blabla paste code here replace this

Made by George Washington 2050, write a comment, lorem ipsum.

Deoption 20 means "difs shapes" to mb3d.

As for normal formulas, they can also be programmed using flatasm but I actually never used it estensively. In any case Knighty made some research using normal c language and it actually works afaik, see here the progress.…

Also to understand what goes on inside the cube routine you may want to look at pseudorandom number generation:…

Given x and y I extract the int part, using mixed techniques I shuffle bytes to obtain an integer 0 to a maxval, then divide it to convert to a float that is used to generate the shape...
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Thanks, I was just trying to figure out where to find or how to make the icosatube and other solids shapes in the "tubey"way..This is a great starting point, but my brain hurts just reading it so far.
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Oh no, don't confuse me with that stuff! I just wanna play. ;)
But I can promise you, that I don't ask you any question. :hug:
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thank you so much for this info.
perhaps i can learn the rest of what it takes to work with this type of thing.
i have been wondering how it is done, but not wanted to ask, as i am not yet advanced enought for anyone to teach me without becoming frustrated.
You are awesome, and thank you again for giving me the resources to learn.
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Too bad it's hard :( very hard!
You are welcome buddy.
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Looks great , no need to reply ....
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Patty this info is for programmers :) as currently difs are the most powerful tool in mb3d :hug:
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I know sweetie , that is why I said no need to reply , lol :)
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Wow! Looks confusing :baffled: :hug:
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To write all the steps needed a lifetime would be barely enough, but I have things to do :hug:
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The explanation is short and so is my time dear. :shrug: ...
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