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MMZX - Ride Chaser

By Dark-Ax
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A while ago, :iconrockx9: kindly pointed out that I had mistakenly deleted the Ride Chaser sprites from my account.
And my hard drive.
Fortunately, a friend of mine had kept a copy on his hard-drive, and so was able to give me back the original Chaser.
And God it was and ugly piece of crap.

So I made a new one.
And I must admit I couldn't help myself to make stupid noises while animating the GIF.
Ha... whatever... enjoy :)

Sprite-wise : the original was just a regular bike with some enemy parts glued to it. The new one is... well, basically the old one, but heavily edited. The "wheeling/jumping" frame is full-scratch this time, instead of just being a rotation of the "normal" frame. The transitional frames used in the preview GIF, however, are simple rotations (with interpolation deactivated, to have an arcade feeling).

PS : And yes, that's a motorcycle helmet you see in front of Aile...
Even if they are half-human half-machine kids who can transform into weapon of mass destruction, they still have to wear a damned helmet... well, according to some laws in some countries :P
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May I use this in an engine?

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May I use this for a bit of a project?
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Of course, and please do show me the results ;)
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(THEORYISH)(about the last part) they are just humans. the box whatevers on their ears are for the transmissions with the *sound only* icons.
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Sweet. Could i use it sometime in the future?
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Of course! :-)
And if you do, do show me the result.
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I swear this would be perfect for Kurai, may I use this?
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Of course you may! :-)
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Thank you very much ^^
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Can I use it?
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nice, can i use it?
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Amazing :D!!!

Can I use this?
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hey dark-ax i was thinking if i can use it for a sprite sheet ?
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Of course.
Feel free to send me a link afterward, to show me what you made of it ;-)
yugothereploid's avatar
thanks,i will send you the link wheen im finish
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