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Archive: 27Sep 2007
Dimensions: 1920x600

“There are no more boundaries”

My favourite wallpaper so far.
What you see in the centre is supposed to be a Dyson sphere ([link]), meant to encompass a star and harness it’s power.
  • The cities on the two nearest planets were made using a fractal generator, the modified with high contrasts.

  • The Dyson sphere outer hyper-structure was made using a labyrinth generator, then “broken apart” with… some… kind of effect which I don’t remember…

  • Don’t ask me for the inner megaliths, I just forgot…
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outer structure :
"labyrinth" was broken apart using heavily pixelated (32x32 tiles) random noise as input to the "displacement map" filter. Thus instead of the smooth distortions that the displacement filter produce, this technique gave disjointed blocks.

inner structure :
"cubism" filter on a black background, using insanely huge tiles, but desaturating them a bit to make the tiles half transparent.

(the both layers sphere-mapped)
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