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Commander Keen - WIP

By Dark-Ax
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This is a preview, to get the full sprite sheet, please click on the "download" button on the left

Ah, let’s get back to some good ol’ sprites, shall we?
This is a still-unfinished project I’ve been working on for some times. Like all project I have, it all started with some doodling during the Medical Psychology lecture, where I draw a funny but serious face encased in a football helmet. Don’t ask me why I did it.

For those who didn’t recognise him, this little fellow is nobody more than Commander Keen, Defender of Earth… aka Mister 314 (for more information: [link]).

His design is based on the one from Goodbye Galaxy series (no facemask, the green Neural Stunner) with slight modifications. His moves are mostly based on the ones from the game, with some variations.

GIF time:
[link] – Idle stance & waiting for the player
[link] – Walking
[link] – Race walking
[link] – Jumping
[link] – Crouching & Looking up
[link] – Ladder climbing
[link] – Edge climbing
[link] – Stunned

The sheet is still missing the pogo-stick move and, more importantly, the whole “seen from left” side (as you can guess by the first row of the sheet).

I hope I’ll manage to finish it one day, and perhaps add some more interesting stuff related to Keen’s universe.
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Bongwater-bandit's avatar
rad! I miss Commander Keen's games
T-SquaredProductions's avatar
I wouldn't mind seeing your interpretation of Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure! :D
JosephineLithius's avatar
And yet, no mooning sprites.

But seriously, this is freaking awesome. If The Universe is Toast is ever made, this should totally be the design they use!
Masterdarkx's avatar
aww.I remember this game...awsome oldschool.But my favorite game of it's type was wolfenstein.Even though it's decades old....I still call it the best first person shooter ever!
Beaudelair's avatar
I tried to do something similar myself... I've been using sprites (mostly Keen/Kirby) as paste ups around.

I wonder... if you ever do get the sprite sheet done i'd love to have a go at making these into a platformer :D
SynDuo's avatar
Looks good, but if you dont mind me saying so... He doesnt look as scared compared to the original when dying. But I do enjoy all of the sprites here besides that minor thing, its great work.
Dark-Ax's avatar
Well, at first it will be on computer. Then, we shall see… ;p
cynispin's avatar
Commander Keen! Awesome stuff! Are you planning on doing a game with these sprites, or just doing animations for the fun of it?
Dark-Ax's avatar
If I ever manage to finish this sheet, my brother and I will try to make a small game out of it.
Though it would mostly be a test for a hypothetic game-engine, we don’t know what may come out of it.
cynispin's avatar
Sounds good! You thinking console or computer? Homebrew stuff on consoles is pretty easy (relatively anyway) these days
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