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CV - The Keeper

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Archive: 06Feb 2008
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Now we’re getting into recent stuff.

What you’ve got here is one of my favourite sprites so far: I wanted a break from all that Megaman-style stuff and I was suggested to try a pretty hard one: the 32-bits Castlevania’s one. Since I’ve never played any Castlevania game, I can’t tell you in what exact style it’s supposed to be (Aria of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, Symphony of the Night, etc… ).

The monster depicted is nicknamed the Keeper. It’s supposed to be hanging from something, in a very big pit, swinging his huge halberd-tail at your lovely face whenever it can. Like every boss, it has a "here's my weak spot so please hit it" reddish part.

Sprite-wise: like almost every sprite I made, I’ve blatantly stolen the palettes from other bosses. Otherwise, it’s totally scratch. Again, the rotations were made in GIMP (with the interpolation deactivated) to give the sprite an arcade-look.
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well, i guess that'd be dawn of sorrow, since that one supports more of the fleshy skeleton demons, the others have more the kind of demonic or spirit like creatures
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MiDSinister Digital Artist
You definitely nailed the 32-bit Castlevania style! You should really consider doing more CV stuff.
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prenoMe Interface Designer
Looking good :)